7 Struggles Only Girls With Curly Hair Understand


1. The fear you feel everytime you get a haircut

Sometimes they give you layers or they underestimate how short your curls will bounce or they don’t understand how to cut curly hair evenly - and then it takes forever to grow out.


2. There’s no such thing as cute bed head

It looks more like a nest made out of hair, or maybe a lion’s mane.


3. People think they can touch your hair without asking

I know it’s cute, but don’t just stick your hand in.  


4. No one recognizes you when you straighten your hair.

Do I really look that different?


5. All the hair style tips in women’s magazines are for straight hair

It just doesn’t work the same way sometimes.


6. Sometimes you lose things in it

Where’s my comb, and my room key?


7. It gets caught on people

In zippers and in buttons, on plains and on trains, in a house or with a mouse, my hair will find something or someone to attach to.  



Audrey is a Junior in Pforzheimer. She likes writing, adventure, Tatte, and doing things ironically it's no longer ironic. She's also Co-Campus Coordinator of the Her Campus Harvard branch.

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