2018 Valentine's Day Dinner Specials in the Square

Is the way to their heart really food? Well, just in case, these 6 restaurants are doing their best to offer specials that you’ll love almost as much as your SO within a 15 minute walk from Harvard Square.


Alden & Harlow’s Fioe Gras, Wagyu Kobe, and Venison Raviolo

Click here for a reservation https://www.opentable.com/r/alden-and-harlow-cambridge


Tatte’s Heart Shaped Cookies and Brownies*

*Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options available


Hourly Oyster House’s Veal Gnocchi, Pork Belly, Stuffed Crab, and Surf & Turf *

Click here for a reservation https://www.opentable.com/r/the-hourly-oyster-house-cambridge

*Not recommended for vegetarians or vegans


Boston Burger Company’s Let’s Make Freakin’ Whoopee Frappe*


*Not advised for the lactose intolerant


Forage’s $75 Pre-Fix*

Click here for a reservation https://www.opentable.co.th/r/forage-cambridge

*Recommended for vegetarians and vegans


Park’s Chicken & Brie Terrine, Slow Roasted Duck, and Pan Seared Scallops*


*Not recommended for vegetarians or vegans


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