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Many Hamptonians on campus know her as Miss Sophomore, but are unaware of her many accomplishments and superb accolades. Pearis Bellamy, a sophomore, psychology major from New Jersey is an advocate for motivating, empowering, and helping others. The founder of two businesses and cofounder of an on campus organization, Pearis has truly differentiated herself from others. Through her warm and inviting personality, Pearis serves as an inspiration not only on campus, but off campus as well. In addition to being the Miss of her class, Pearis is also involved in a plethora of organizations on campus. A member of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, Freddy T. Davy Honors College, the Greer Dawson Leadership Training Program, head of the sophomore community service committee and the founder of two businesses and on campus organization, Pearis has defiantly began to build her legacy here at Hampton University. Her Campus was able to sit down with the inspiring young woman, and learn a little bit about her background and what impact it has had on her current endeavors.

HC: What has been your greatest experience here at Hampton?

PB: I would have to say my greatest experience would be before I even became an official Hampton student. It would have to be when I came to honors visitation weekend my senior year of high school. I was torn between Hampton and Howard and what was the best fit for both me and my major. When I came here I had such a great time and met so many wonderful people. That weekend really had a large impact by allowing me to fall in love with the school as well as influenced me to become active in the school because I grew a love for it. This would have to be what inspired me to run for Miss Freshman and Miss Sophomore because I wanted to do a lot of things to make sure my class and the people around me were having a great time. I want people to love Hampton just as much as I do!

HC: What has been your greatest challenge?

PB: My greatest challenge since being here at Hampton would have to be maintaining friendships and relationships with people. This is because sometimes when you are busy its hard to give your friends and family as much attention as they may need and that can become stressful. Despite the fact, at the end of the day friends and family are the ones who are most important and though you may be overwhelmed you don’t want to fast forward your life and lose great people.

HC: Who would you say is your biggest role model/inspiration?

PB: I actually have three. The first I would have to say is my mom. We have been through a lot but she has always made it work. I’ve seen her work two jobs, more than two jobs and I feel that she is the epitome of strength. The second is my mum “my grandmother.” She taught me to always go for what I want. She would tell me to stand up for myself and don’t let anyone walk over me. Last, would have to my nana. She was always happy, even when she had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember people, she was always so happy. I think I defiantly get my positive attitude and the will to help others from her.

HC: We all have our times that we want to give up, especially in college. What serves as your motivation to keep going?

PB: My motivation to keep going is looking back at what I’ve been through and how I have overcome certain situations. When you have overcome certain situations or have seen how things could have gone, you realize how God brought you out of it. When you have those dark times, it helps you because it shows what you have been through and that you are capable of overcoming it. It really keeps me pressing forward because its not me but the people who are looking to me to be strong. You don’t want those people to think just because you gave up that they should give up.

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

PB: Probably graduate school, as well as continuing to develop and grow my business and organizations!

One of Pearis’s new businesses is Positively Pearis. It consists of motivational speaking engagements and sales merchandise to those who are proud of their morals and embrace who they are.

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