• 5 Creative Commons Concoctions

    It has been a little over a month since we all returned to Hamilton’s campus, which means it’s been about a month since you started to get...

  • Get to Know Audrey Darnis

    Name : Audrey Darnis Class Year: 2018 Major(s)/Minor(s) : Women’s and Gender Studies and World Politics double major Residence Hall:...

  • 5 of the Best Study Spots on Campus

    With all these assignments to complete and all this studying to do, it can get pretty boring always working in the same place. While working in your room might be comfortable and convenient, it’s probably getting pretty old at this point. Plus, it’s all too easy to fall asleep or to switch to watching Netflix with your roommate. Luckily, there are plenty of places on campus that are great for getting stuff done.

  • A Defense of Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

    Recently, there has been a lot of controversy over safe spaces and trigger warnings on college campuses. The debate has been ongoing at various schools and online for a while now, but the University of Chicago’s recent letter to freshmen has gained particular attention. This article is not a direct reaction to that letter, but rather a general defense of these practices, which many people and institutions protest.

  • Why You Should Take a Random Class as a Freshman at Hamilton

    One of the most stressful parts about being a freshman at Hamilton College is deciding which classes to take. Many freshman, having never experienced the freedom that Hamilton’s open curriculum provides, are dumbfounded when it come to choosing classes. I was one of those freshman. I had a few vague ideas about what I wanted to major in, but I decided to take a wide variety of courses instead of diving right into one particular department. To this day, this was the best decision I made as a freshman.

  • Hamilton as Home

    I remember when I received my acceptance letter from Hamilton five months ago. I remember feeling the anxiousness, uneasiness and the sense...

  • Caution: Woman in the Workplace

    Over the past few years I have held a few summer jobs. I have worked as a nanny, an intern at a law firm, and even a server at a frozen...

  • I am a Woman and I am Ready

    Hey friends, my name is Jessie Shields and I was raised by a family of what were supposed to be strong women. A lovely woman outside of...

  • 3.5 Week Freshman Reflections

    It’s been nearly one month since I officially set foot on the Hamilton College campus; one month since I boarded a plane from Hong Kong to...

  • Hamilton Reads

    When I came to Hamilton this fall, like most freshmen I naturally wanted to find a few things to keep me occupied outside of classes and...

  • 5 Things to Do This Summer

    5 Things to Do This Summer Summer_2015.jpg Finals are coming up (or maybe they’re already over!) and you’re probably ready to finish up the...

  • Get to Know Dorothy Atkin-Mapes

    Get to Know Dorothy Atkin-Mapes Dorothy pic.jpeg Name : Dorothy Atkin-Mapes Class Year: 2017 Major(s): Math and Government Double Major...

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