Slutty Granny

Bet that title snagged your attention.

Yet, alas, this article is not an insider’s look into the scandalous lives of promiscuous grandmothers—it’s something much better.

Meet Justin and Makenzie. Two Southern California gals who share a fresh style that is as memorable and distinctive as the name of their fashion blog, “Slutty Granny.”

These college ladies were kind enough to say yes to an interview that sheds light on what SG is, and also reveals their style that epitomizes a funky, wearable, affordable beach bunny way of dressing and living.


- First and foremost: why is your blog called “Slutty Granny”?
It’s snappy, attention grabbing, and also appropriate to describe some of our clothes: pieces handed down from our moms or grandmas (gran-me-downs) often paired with a more youthful piece. Secondly, ‘slutty’ has a negative connotation and in a small way we’d like to help neutralize that––sap some of its pejorative power.

- How/when did SG start?
December 2012. We thought our style/clothing habits merited a blog; we share closets, which has the effect of churning out new ideas of how to pair pieces. Let’s say I have a top I never wear because I think it won’t work with anything–– I give it to Makenzie and she pairs it with its soul mate shorts. Now I might have a better idea of how to style it. And what girl doesn’t get sick of her wardrobe? Swapping threads makes the fashion savvy heart grow fonder… four months later I love getting back that sweater I had grown sick of.

- What are your goals with SG? Is there a message you want girls to grasp?
It was the way we wore clothes and shopped, and we began to realize not everyone shared/recycled clothes so diligently. So we decided to spread the concept to everyone interested, but especially to broke college girls who want a fresh wardrobe without spending that paper. If we can promote the earth friendly habits of hand-me-downs, thrifting, altering old clothes, etc., then HURRAH!

- Who/where do you draw inspiration from?

The first fashion blog Makenzie followed is ‘seams for a desire.’ Manrepeller and htl (how two live) blogs are also super innovative and wild. They love pairing two different patterns in the same outfit, which makes getting dressed more fun (and a lot easier!) We gain inspiration from Isabel Lucas, Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, and Pinterest. Some of our favorite stores include Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, The Salvation Army, Forever 21, Free People, and of course we lust after things on Shop Planet Blue, but we don’t purchase many items from there.

- How would you describe your style?
More goofy than calculated. Or at least less calculated than this response. It really does vary depending on the moment we are getting dressed.

- What is the Slutty Granny mantra?

“Get shit for free.”


So give swappin’ clothes with your sister, friend, roommate, and/or granny a go, and keep reading for mini biographies about Makenzie and Justin!

Be sure to check out their tumblr, follow their Instagram, check out their Summer Solstice YouTube video, and simply bask in the good vibes of SG! And tumblr users out there feel free to send them your blog adoration- they love to talk with fans!



Instagram: sluttygranny

Justin is a senior at University of Southern California, but is originally from South Bend, IN, and was actually born in Nairobi, Africa! This blondie is obsessed with Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, baking, camping, and jamming with her brother and boyfriend in their band.

Makenzie is also a senior at University of California San Diego, but her hometown is Riverside, CA. She loves watching YouTube makeup tutorials (explains her freckled, flawless face!), photography, swimming, all forms of art, spending time outside, and especially being in the ocean.