Guys' Opinion On: Fashion Trends - Part Two

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I love a pop of neon in outfits, and especially in the outfit above. Try a bright pair of shorts with a white top, or an outfit like the one above.
Liuben: Yeah, I like that. I don’t know man; I have a salmon pink shirt. I like salmon pink shirts.
Me: Isn’t salmon different than neon?
Liuben: Same concept Meg, you know I like solid colors. Not too much though, because it’ll look obnoxious. You don’t want a color overload. Wear it with black or grey.
W: Woooo. I like neon.
A: Neon’s good. I like her legs also.
Me: More on neon, not her...
A: Who isn’t down for neon?
W: I just saw this great quote on Facebook. I’ll tell you if you friend me… just kidding. “Don’t have it on unless its neon”
AW: “You turn me on in neon” (they fist bump)
A: Dibs. I said it first
(and the rhyming continues) W: It’s on ‘til the break of dawn when you’re wearing neon…
KC: Where is she wearing this? It’s for Dayglow. Not everyday wear.
Ryan: Are you going clubbing, or walking to class? Make up your mind girls.
Bobby: Hell yeah. Use it beyond Dayglow. 


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