Journeys in Yoga Offers Workouts for the Mind and the Body

Whether it be cramming for an exam or working a long shift, being a college student comes with many stresses. It can be difficult to find time in a busy schedule to work out or relax. Thankfully, Journeys in Yoga offers a way to do both at the same time! Located on Monroe Street in Tallahassee, this studio aims to create an environment that attracts yoga students of all levels and encourages them to practice a healthy lifestyle through breath and movement.

Courtesy: Journeys in Yoga

“Journeys in Yoga is really an amazing environment,” shares senior Sari Babkes. “I recently started taking classes this year, and even the most advanced people in the classes don’t make you feel intimidated. Everyone is so welcoming.”

With classes offered seven days a week and in both the mornings and afternoons, Journeys in Yoga provides many opportunities to practice yoga, no matter what your schedule. Not only are the classes flexible time-wise, but also by experience level and desired experience. 

Courtesy: Journeys In Yoga

Journeys in Yoga’s Intro to Flow class is perfect for the introductory yogi who is learning fundamental poses. For collegiates looking to use meditation as a form of stress relief, Flow and Meditation is the right class for you. Participants spend half of the class doing yoga, and the other half in reflection. Other classes, such as Core Flow and Core Pilates, aim to strengthen the body and build muscle.

In order to further relax the body and stretch muscles, some yoga classes such as Fire Flow I and II are held in warm or hot rooms. Hot and Hot Lite classes are big hits, and involve sitting and standing poses as well as breathing exercises in a room heated to over 102 degrees. Collegiates who want to become more flexible should try the Yin class, which stretches tissues and ligaments by holding poses for extended periods of time.

The best part about Journeys in Yoga? Everyone’s first class is only five dollars! Also, you don’t have to register in advance for classes, so you can come practice yoga at your convenience. The studio also offers package deals that can be purchased in person or on their website.

Courtesy: Journeys in Yoga

Living a healthy lifestyle should not be neglected in college. It’s important to remember that you deserve time to unwind and care for your mind and body. Journeys in Yoga’s well-decorated and clean studio space is the perfect place to do so, and the studio’s friendly and knowledgeable instructors are there to help.

“I always look forward to my weekly classes at the studio,” continues Babkes. “It’s the ‘me time’ that I carve out for myself from the hectic week.”

Shelby Curran is a senior at Florida State University majoring in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing, and Media and minoring in Communications.

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