How to Look Cute and be Warm during Winter

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Winter is here; the temperatures are dropping, and it's time to dig out that box of winter knickknacks.  If your anything like me, that box of winter hats, scarves, and heavy coats is quite overwhelming and symbolizes the start of 3 months of cold and darkness in Tallahassee(not only outside but in your wardrobe too!).   And to keep from freezing to death, you have to be covered from head to toe just to walk to class.   That may be warm, but it’s hard to feel sexy or cute when you feel like a marshmallow.  How can we keep warm and feel beautiful too?  Just follow my tips and you’ll feel as warm and cozy as you would be sitting next to campfire (minus the fiery smell). 

  1. Invest in a cute winter coat
    The foundation of any winter outfit is a winter coat.  Find one that is thick and fitted without making you feel like a marshmallow.  I recommend a neutral color such as black, gray, or white so that you can match it with anything you wear.  Camel is a great neutral color that is very popular this season too.  If you already have a neutral colored coat, I highly recommend a red coat to make you really pop out in a crowd.  Burlington Coat Factory in the Tallahassee mall has so many coats and at great prices too.  Try shopping there or even Forever 21 at Governor Square mall.
  2. Own at least one pair of great boots
    Boots are my favorite part about winter.  As soon as it gets just a littl chilly, I pull out my boots.  I like having one pair of boots in every height.  One pair of ankle boots, one pair of calf height boots, and one pair of over-the-knee boots.   If you can’t afford all three, I recommend getting a pair of slouchy over-the-knee boots.  I got a pair on EBAY for 30 bucks and wear them every day of winter.  If I don’t feel like wearing them over-the-knee, I slouch them down to my calves and they double as calf height boots.  I also recommend that they be flats.  Who wants to lug their schoolwork around the FSU campus in heels?   I’ve also seen girls around campus wearing red leather slouchy boots.  That look really caught my attention.  Just wear them with black leggings and a cute jacket and your good to go.  They have a great variety of boots for great prices at Traffic or Charlotte Russe in the Governor Square Mall.  If you’re looking to spend a little more, I recommend going to Macy's.
  3. Leggings
    Leggings may not seem very warm but they are so comfy and match with anything.  They show off your sexy curves and make you feel like your wearing nothing while keeping you unexpectedly warm.  I like to pair them with a pair of slouchy boots, a couple of layered long sleeved shirts, a coat, and a cute scarf.  If your legs are still cold, wear two pairs.  They can be found almost anywhere and are usually no more than 10 bucks.  Forever 21 has them for five dollars.
  4. Tights
    Tights are unexpectedly warm and great if you want to wear a dress or skirt.   Throw on some boots or a pair of pumps (depending where your going), a coat, and a scarf and you’ve got a great outfit without much effort at all.  If you want to pop, wear a pair of colored leggings under a black coat or sweater dress.  I also love to pair leggings with my jean shorts for a casual look.  Who says you can’t wear shorts in the winter?  You can find tights anywhere.  I got a pair of black ones for 5 dollars from the Walmart on Tennessee Street.  If you want interesting colors or designs check out Charlotte Russe.  They have a variety of colors and designs for no more than 8 bucks.
  5. Scarves in every color
    You can buy scarves for cheap so I why not buy one in every color to match every outfit.  Of course you should always have a neutral color to match with a colorful shirt or coat so that your not overwhelmed with color, but for those dark, neutral days you should have a variety of scarves so you can wear whatever color your heart desired that day.  I also love scarves with sparkles to dress up an outfit and add “sparkle” to my day.  Forever 21 sells a variety for no more than 10 bucks.
  6. Headbands and hats
    Headbands are an instant upgrade to any outfit.  I love the ones with big bows or flowers on the side and lots of sparkles.  This small touch can add so much pizzazz to any potentially dull look.  This is the one time of year you can get away with wearing a knitted hat or headband too, so buy a cute one to match your outfits.  They especially look cute when they match your scarves too.   Buy them at forever 21 at the governor square mall.  I've gotten headbands there for as low at 3 dollars!

Now that you know my tips, you can instantly turn your drab outfits into something that you’ll miss come springtime.  You’ll feel less like a marshmallow and more like free bird, ready for anything.  That’s a feeling you definitely need in Tallahassee.

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