Full of Spirit: The Lady Spirithunters of FSU

In case you haven’t heard of them before, the Lady Spirithunters is an organization on FSU’s campus that is comprised of a group of women who are committed to spreading Seminole spirit. It is a non-Greek, non-religious, non-profit group that seeks to promote and spread Seminole pride and traditions. The Lady Spirithunters work with alumni, athletics, and other organizations both on campus and off to help spread Seminole spirit, and have participated in charities and other events around Tallahassee as well to help give back to those in need.

This past Thursday 100 new ‘spirits’ found out if they had been accepted into the organization, and are no doubt excited about what is to come in the upcoming years as a member of this group. However, don’t be fooled by the name. When the Spirithunters first began, it was an open group that included men as well! Over the years less have tried to join because of the ‘Lady’ part of the name, but a few actually did apply for membership this past year.

For those who have been accepted, there is a new member banquet put on each year so that all of the new recruits can get to know the rest of the members coming into the organization with them. They also have ‘Big Spirits’ and ‘Little Spirits’, similar to the Big/Little system seen in Greek life. There are various trips throughout the year, such as going to Disneyworld, and other events in Tallahassee that help promote group bonding and friendship amongst the new and old members. One of the most popular events is cheering on the Seminoles at their away games.

This past football season a number of our Spirithunters went to the Clemson game, making for a fantastic experience for everyone who got to be involved and that showed our Noles how much we support them! But the Lady Spirithunters don’t just focus on football; they show support for all other sports as well. From swim meets to tennis matches, you can be sure to find Spirithunters at any of these events.

Eden Tompkins, a sophomore at FSU and member of Lady Spirithunters said, “The main purpose of Lady Spirithunters is to spread Seminole spirit throughout FSU, which is why you can see us painting war stripes before every varsity sport home game.” Their constant display of Seminole pride and love makes this organization a great part of FSU, and we are lucky to have such an organization here on campus.

If anyone is interested in joining they take members every January, so be sure to keep an eye out next year for informational meetings on how to join!

Listed below are some of the activities that the Lady Spirithunters do:

Face painting at all sporting events

Buddy bags for all sports

All homecoming events such as skit night and float building

Weekend trip to an away football game

Varsity Skyboxes

Intramural Sports



Various community service activities

Membership Drive

Dance Marathon

Relay For Life

FSU High Flying Circus



The Big Event

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