Best Study Spots on Campus

Tallahassee offers Florida State students many ways to distract themselves and have fun during the school year, but when it comes to finding a quiet place to study, it can get a bit tricky to figure it all out. So I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the most popular and best places to study on campus. From coffee shops to green spaces around campus, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect place to study for those tests!

Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop is a restaurant/café located just off of campus. It has a variety of foods and fancy lattes that accommodate a wide variety of taste buds, and there is always a steady flow of college students in there for a number of reasons. Plenty of students come here to finish papers or study on their own, and it’s not so quiet that you can’t talk amongst yourselves or get a group together for a meeting.


The most popular place to go study on campus is definitely the library. Located right in the middle of campus, Strozier holds many study events throughout the year (especially around finals) to help students de-stress and refocus. This includes free massages and puppies to play with just outside its doors, as well as hot chocolate if you’re lucky. It also comes complete with a Starbucks, a necessity for any college library, and the study lounge next to it is a prime studying location, so you’ve got to get started early if you want to find a spot there! Furthermore, if it is too loud for you on the first floor, you can keep going up levels until you find one that’s quiet enough for you, giving you the chance to find the perfect quiet place.

Landis Green

Definitely one of the most underrated study spots, Landis Green gives students the best view on campus, making it a great place to study. Once the weather begins to change and the leaves start to fall, everyone comes out to toss Frisbees, lie out on blankets, and catch up on their reading. If you hate studying in super quiet places, go to Landis, because there is always either someone with a pet to cheer you up or beautiful skies for you to study under. Landis Green lets students get some fresh air while getting their grades up at the same time, and when the seasons change from summer to fall, you will find everyone out there!

Atomic Coffee

One of the most popular and unique coffee joints in Tallahassee, Atomic Coffee is located right next to campus and provides students with a great atmosphere for studying. It has numerous drink choices, including S’mores (my fave), and has great study snacks like chocolate covered bacon! If that doesn’t make you want to go there, Atomic Coffee also has plenty of study spaces available and comfy chairs for you to get your study on, and the environment works for either studying on your own or with a group.

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