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One Small Thing...

Posted Nov 22 2012 - 7:10pm

Meeting a guy you really fancy and who appears to like you back is always really exciting. However, the excitement is sometimes undermined by that one not-so-perfect thing about him that makes you question the whole relationship. In this article, HCX picks out some of the most common issues that hold girls back from embarking on a relationship with a potential boyfriend. Hopefully we’ll show you that these really are just small issues and should not deter you from pursuing that guy!

1.     He is shorter than you:

Most girls feel that height is an important factor when it comes to finding a guy attractive. Many feel that if he is taller than you, then in some ways he can protect you, and get embarrassed if the boy they fancy lacks this vertical advantage.  However, this really does not have to be an issue. Look at Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, they made things work... Okay, the fairy tale didn’t end as we had all hoped, but they made a pretty good go of things. Their relationship lasted longer than most celebrity marriages, and lets be honest, the marriage probably did not fall to pieces as a result of their different eye-levels. If your boy is a little bit shorter than you, it just means you don’t get to wear heels too often. Whilst you fashionistas out there might find this a deal breaker, remember we live in Exeter: no one wears heels on a regular basis so this doesn’t have to be a problem! If you take the plunge, you never have to worry about painful feet again, making the long walk home from town that little more bearable- always a plus in our books!


2.     He has the Geek-Factor written all over him:

Did Summer and Seth’s relationship from The O.C not teach you anything...geeks are oh so chic. Who cares if he is a little too into technology and computer games, as long as he is just as into you, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you like him, you should appreciate every single part of him and not care about his social status. Cliques are so sixth form after all. By choosing to go to university, you have embraced your inner-geek anyway; so accept him for what he is and don’t let a small thing like this hold you back. Furthermore, Geeks are meant to be clever, so perhaps engage in some one-on-one tutoring- late night study sessions are always fun and who knows what you could learn about one another!

3.     Your Parents/Friends Don’t Like Him

In many instances when this occurs, your friends or parents are wary of said boy for a particular reason. Talk to them about it, find out why they don’t like him and try and look for solutions to the problem, rather than escaping the relationship altogether. Naturally, not everyone gets on immediately...If they did the world would be a pretty strange place. If you are worried about your parents not liking your boyfriend, invite him round for dinner. Make sure he supplies wine and chocolate and offers to do the washing up afterwards and your parents will love him. With your friends, remember they are not going out with him so don’t have to love him. Civility is key. Arrange a few fun things you can do together, involving him and your friends, and with time we are sure that their dislike will diminish. Perhaps this guy is a “grower” on your friends, rather than a “shower” so give it time.

4.     He’s got a Reputation

We’ve all been in a situation when you like a boy who seems to have dated everyone in your Halls. If this is the case, as long as he hasn’t got any nasty diseases and seems genuinely to like you, then go for it! As the mantra goes: it is better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all. There is always a risk that comes with going out with someone new, but this shouldn’t hold you back. So what, he has had a few girlfriends? A friend of HCX went for the plunge with a cheeky chappy, who definitely had more than his fair share of ex’s. They have been going out for over a year now so you never know what might happen. Give the boy a chance and prove all the haters out there wrong.

5.     He’s Cocky

Okay so this is not the most attractive trait but you like him anyway. Once again this does not have to be a problem. Yes, other people may find his not-so-funny banter ridiculously annoying but you don’t and so don’t worry about what other people think. Cockiness is only an issue when the confidence leads to arrogance. If the boy is genuinely attempting to be funny, then perhaps give him break. If the confidence does verge on arrogance, perhaps talk to him about it. If he is the boy for you, he won’t mind having a conversation about this issue and you should go for it. If he really is an idiot, he will definitely show his true colours in this conversation clearing up all your confusion.

Next time you worry about that small issue preventing you from embarking on a relationship, think about whether it really is a big deal. If it’s an aesthetic issue, then do not let it get in the way of the relationship. If you like the guy, then you are obviously attracted to him, so who cares what everyone else thinks! If the issue is a personality trait, think about all the things you like about him and whether in the grand scheme of things, this is a trait that puts you off. If you like the guy despite his flaws: don’t hold back!


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