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We all know that going back to University after Christmas, whilst being a great time to catch up on what happened over the holidays with your friends, can be a very stressful period what with the new classes, the exams and the piles of reading. To make the start of the new term much more enjoyable, we bring you Fashion and Beauty’s 'Back to Uni Guide'. Here are three things that may put a smile on your face…

1. Invest in a new ‘Book Bag’

You might be wondering why you need a school bag when you aren’t at school anymore. But you should never underestimate the benefits of a good book bag. It can carry a day’s worth of work without killing your arms and back and more importantly it can look super cute. The Cambridge Satchel Company’s bags have been seen on the arms of various celebrities and with a variety of styles and colours to choose from, you may end up having the most unique school bag on campus. Alternatively, investing in a giant tote or holdall could be equally as beneficial, and equally as fun!

2. Buy a new 'Going Out' outfit

You are going to want to celebrate the end of exams, and what better way to do so than to treat yourself to a new dress! Invest in one that you can do a lot with. Buy one that is versatile enough to wear multiple times during the term without committing the fashion faux-pas of numerous outfit repeats! Choose one in the shades mentioned below, vamp it up with some funky jewellery and you are good to go!


3. Change up your colour scheme

What better way to banish the January blues than with a splash of colour? Think pastel and neon shades. Use a splash of neon jewellery, floral patterns and cool metallic tones to add a something extra to the classic winter greys and blacks. These colour schemes can all be used to add a little something to your seminar and lecture attire or incorporated with an old dress to make it work for multiple nights out.



So before you start stressing about all the work you have to do, change up your Term 2 wardrobe a bit. We guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face and make heading up to the library a little less painful! 


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