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Gift Guide #4 - Brothers!

Posted Dec 6 2012 - 7:00pm

Now bear with me girls… I’m one of three girls at home and have never had to shop for a brother before - so I’ve asked some other HCX girls for some ideas and here are a few things that will hopefully help you all out this Christmas!

  1. Clothes

Don’t be put off from buying clothing for your brother because you think it’ll work out either too expensive or impossible… You can’t go wrong with a classic Superdry t-shirt or a jumper/t-shirt form Topshop. If you rummage around in these high-street stores, you can find some really nice things for all tastes and sizes for very reasonable prices. If you have a bit more to spend, Jack Wills do great quality jumpers and hoodies that last forever and are perfect for slobbing around in, as well as looking smart-casual with a nice pair of jeans. Boys are wearing hats more and more nowadays, and I've spotted a few really cool ones in Urban Outfitters, so if you think you're brother wants to enhance his edgy flair, get him on of these wooly beanies!

2. Music

Be it a CD from HMV or an iTunes voucher, there's nothing better than a big of legal downloading on Christmas Day to update your iPod. Alternatively, do the same as suggested in the Gift Guide for Dad's and make a truly personalised and special gift by making your own mix CD for your brother, with a compilation of all his favourite tunes!

3. Xbox Games

I don't know any boy who doesn't love vegging out on the sofa infront of the TV playing Xbox for hours on end... If your brother falls into this category, then I'm sure you'll know what games he has and hasn't (if not call home and ask!) and then check out this website for new releases, so he has the something to occupy himself with whilst hungover on Boxing Day morning!

4. Bag/Wallet

Whatever age your brother is, I'm sure he'll appreciate a new bag to stroll into school/college/Uni with in the New Year. So many options to choose from though you say, is he more of a rucksack or holdall or satchel kinda guy? Topman and River Island are your best bets in my opinion, as well as Fred Perry who do some really stylish, but a little more expensive, bags.

5. Sports Accessories.

Is your brother a sports fan? Be it football, rugby, hockey, tennis or golf, there is a whole world you don't know about that comprises of a million and one accessories that relate to his favourite sport. Try a smart, top of the range shock absorber for his tennis racquet, or a new grip for his hockey stick, or a nice new leather golf glove... I'm sure he'll appreciate the thought that you put into thinking what he'd really appreciate. The best thing is he can really make use of whatever you choose to give him, when he gets back on the tennis court/football pitch/golf course in the New Year!


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