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Gift Guide #2 - Dads!

Posted Nov 27 2012 - 7:00pm

Here's the second blog on the HCX girl's guide to what to buy your Dad for Christmas!

  1. Exeter paraphernalia

This is a good one, especially for first years at Exeter, whose Dads are probably all proud as punch that their little girl has got in to Exeter University and wants to make sure everyone at the office knows it – be it by leaving his Exeter mug in the staff kitchen, or lending his Exeter pencil to his colleague, while he sits at his desk sporting his green and cream striped socks. Last year, my Dad was over the moon with his green Exeter mug, coaster, pencil and socks. And the best thing is, your present can be done and dusted with one trip to the Forum, as you can find all of these in the Exeter student shop next to the RAM.

  1. Mix CD

This is the perfect personalised gift for all those Dads out there who still love being giving a CD bought from a shop, as they haven’t yet mastered the whole mp3/music file in cyber space concept. What makes it even more special is that it’s compiled of the tunes that you know he loves, and he will listen to it and think of you every time! It is such a quick and easy present (which I know isn’t how it always should be, but let’s be honest, the deadlines are looming fast and time is precious girls!) which is also cheap – all you have to buy is a pack of blank CD’s which you can get from superstores such as Tesco, and then get onto iTunes and download all of Dad’s favourite old-school tunes while you perfect your essay. Alternatively, buy a mini mp3 player with headphones, and load all of his favourite CD’s onto it so it’s all ready to go when he opens it on Christmas morning. Getting up for the early winter dog walk will be that little bit more bearable as he hums along to The Rolling Stones at 7.30am. Argos do these mp3 players at bargain prices so get down to the Exeter store in the Guildhall Shopping Centre.

  1. Consumables

It may seem a bit out of the ordinary to find yourself buying good quality alcohol or liqueur for a competitive price, rather than £4.99 white wine from the Co-Op which you will quickly proceed to drink within an hour out of a plastic cup. Whose Dad doesn’t love a brand new, free-from-dust bottle of Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker to give the drinks cabinet a fresh new look in the New Year? If the price ranges of Whiskies, Bourbons and Rums are a little too high, why not go for a box of chocolates, or a glass jar of Brazil nuts – Thorntons provides a huge choice of different boxes, and you can even make a little personalised collection of your Dad’s favourite chocolates, and at very reasonable prices.

  1. Sports tickets

If you’ve really been saving your pennies, be the perfect daughter and find out what football or rugby team your Dad supports, or would at least enjoy watching with one of his friends who’s also a sporty fan and up for a few roars and cheering. Standing in the stands of either Manchester City or Twickenham would be the perfect Spring outing and would break the chain of years of “But you said you needed more socks/another tie!” from you on Christmas morning.

  1. Clothing

First step here – Ask your Mum (or even your Dad if she’s unsure!) your Dad’s clothing size! There’s nothing worse than receiving the perfect jumper to wear to Christmas Dinner that is just that little bit too tight. Blue Harbour at M&S do some really warm, smart, round neck jumpers in a variety of colours and sizes, all around the £30 price range. By the way of T-shirts, Weird Fish and Superdry do lots of jokey but also classic styles, which are well-made, but also act as a cheaper alternative to a jumper, which will probably work out to be a little more expensive.


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