Cute Gym Gear for January

It’s that time of the year again; the festive season is over and the January blues have arrived. To add to the gloom, you may be fully aware that your stomach has quite literally expanded over the past few weeks. Whilst it didn’t seem to matter at the time – Christmas is, after all, the holiday of indulgence when it comes to food and that’s half the fun of it – most girls are secretly thinking about detoxing and hitting the gym come January. However, getting into shape doesn’t have to be boring. If you see it as a great excuse for a shopping spree it can become a lot more fun. It will also encourage you to exercise just so you can show off your new kit.

There is really no excuse to dread the gym on a fashion-conscious basis as there are some super stylish lycra ensembles out there. H&M is still the best place to go for good quality pieces at affordable prices. If you had previously favoured shorts, you might prefer to switch to full length leggings if you’re feeling anything less than thrilled at the prospect of getting your legs out. At £24.99, H&M’s running tights are the perfect solution. They’re lightweight, fitted and breathable so they will keep you snug on the walk up to campus and cool (ish) on the treadmill. Her Campus also loves the brightly patterned sports bra (£9.99) – we’re constantly looking for ways to make exercise more exciting and this definitely counts as one of them! It’s so cool that you’ll want to wear it on its own, which will hopefully give you the motivation to put some serious work into your abs! If you aren’t feeling brave enough to get your abs out yet, wear it underneath a vest with low cut sides to look fashionable whilst you get fit.  


With January sales in full swing it’s worth checking out higher end brands as there are some great bargains to be had. Sweaty Betty is offering a 50% discount on a wide range of items. Their tops in particular are heavily discounted, with the classic Athlete Workout Vest priced at just £14 down from £29. Her Campus highly recommends these vests to keep you looking and feeling cool whilst you burn off those excess Christmas calories.

Whether or not you brave wearing your gym kit onto campus it’s useful to take some sort of bag with you to the gym, even if it’s only to hold your water bottle, iPod and scarf. We aren’t about to recommend the sort of monstrosity that you may have had in your school days when you seemed to have endless airtexes and cycling shorts. Rather a simple canvas ‘shopper’ bag does the trick. Topshop have plenty of quirky designs for only £10 each.  Her Campus loves the Moustache Shopper as it’s fun and playful and should hopefully put a smile on your face and get you in the mood for a productive gym session. They are the ideal size as they’re perfect for holding either a few bits and pieces or your trainers and full gym get-up. They are also very versatile and you’ll find yourself using it for other things on an almost daily basis.    

With so many desirable lycra numbers and other sporting accessories out there there’s really no excuse to give up on your New Year’s resolution before term has even begun! And with exam week welcoming you all back with open arms it’s likely that a trip to the gym will offer a much needed break and opportunity to daydream. If you need a further incentive to exercise treat yourself to a cute floral mug from Cath Kidson and make yourself a well deserved cup of tea when you get home.



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