Bring on the Bubbles!


With essay deadlines approaching, boiling the Kettle for that perfect brew is something that Exeter students know all too well - but will this become a vision of the past now that a tea room with a difference has landed on the Exeter scene?
Bubble Bubble is Exeter’s newest tea room located opposite Santander and Lush on the High Street. Also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, or boba, BUBBLE TEA was invented in tea shops in Taichung and Taiwan during the 1980’s. Traditional bubble tea comes with small chewy tapioca balls commonly called “pearls” (a choice for the bravest of tea drinkers), far from your average cuppa! With the choice of a fruity or milky base accompanied with a variety of explosive bubbles this is a SEASON MUST. The flavours range from strawberry, melon, mango and passion fruit for the fruit fans, to vanilla, strawberry and papaya for the milk lovers among us. Once you’ve chosen your base, the next step is choosing which bubbles will give it an extra edge. If the wide range of flavours seems a little overwhelming, why not try one of Bubble Bubble’s popular choices Green Apple with Cherry Bubbles or Mango with Passion Fruit Bubbles.
If tea really isn’t your thing then why not treat yourself to Bubble Bubble’s healthy FROZEN YOGHURT, with flavours ranging from Cherry to Chocolate plus a choice of delicious toppings to choose from.
With this unique piece of culture right on our doorstep a bubble tea is something that everyone must experience, whether it be for a well deserved tea break or a healthier alternative to the much loved McFlurry. BUBBLE BUBBLE is open till 10 o’clock most evenings, so there really is no excuse not to pop along to Exeter’s newest tea room and see what it’s all about - you will not be disappointed! 
Photo credits: BUBBLE BUBBLE CO and Author's own

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