Rudy Assakul, '12

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This week’s campus cutie is Rudy Assakul, a proud foreign student and frat-star. Her Campus Emory  was lucky enough to find out some very personal information about Rudy. Keep reading to learn for yourself…
 Major: Bee-skewl
Fraternity: Alpha Tau Omega
Sign: Gemini (June 16)
Extra Curriculars: Emory's Breakdancing Crew, Orientation Leading, IM Swimming, Greek Physique Winner
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: Junior ‘12
Relationship status: Single…or in Asian….SINGUR
Her Campus Emory (HCE): How do you feel about being selected for Her Campus' Campus Cutie?
Rudy Assakul (RA): It depends on what my mom and grandma think about me being selected for Her Campus’ Campus Cutie.
HCE: What is your type/what do you look for in a girl?
RA: One that doesn’t have a penis…cause I’m from Thailand and I actually have to watch out for these things….just kidding…Asian joke.
I really appreciate a girl who I can have a conversation with just by looking at her eye to eye (not during beer pong though). I feel girls can be read well through their eyes and I just love being able to exchange eye contact with a girl for a long time. I guess girls don’t feel the same way because it’s hard to read slits.
I also love a girl who loves to cuddle. Preferably short, brunette, outgoing and independent. It helps if she also appreciates my sense of humor since I’m pretty foreign. Coincidentally the last two girls I dated were half Jewish, so I guess I’m into that?
HCE: How often do you work out?
RA: I eat a lot…
HCE: Boxers or briefs?
RA: In Asia we only have diapers or sumo thongs. But on a serious note, I recently switched to boxer briefs from boxers this year…it makes me feel comfy, secure and Caucasian.
HCE: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
RA: Honestly I’m scared when I think about the future. I don’t want to set expectations however I do set goals for myself. I kind of just live in the moment and try to appreciate the most of what I have now.
HCE: What is your favorite part about Emory?
RA: Sorority girls…tee hee. Oh yeah I forgot…diversity and sustainability too because Emory loves that.
HCE: What is one thing you have to do at Emory before you graduate?
RA: Run around the sorority lodges naked.
HCE: What do you wish you were doing right now instead of answering these questions?

RA: Probably take a shower or go for a swim while thinking of smart answers to these questions. (I actually thought of this answer in the shower).

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