The Creators of the Emory Anthem, Matt Schwartz and Dashon Brutus, '13

Name(s): Matt Schwartz, Dashon Brutus
Year: 2013
Major: Film Studies, Undecided
Hometown: Oyster Bay NY, New Haven CT
Relationship Status: , Single
Fraternity: ZBT
Extra Curricular activities: Music, partying, and Dark Night Entertainment
Chances are you’ve heard buzz about the recently released Emory Anthem—the song and music video written and produced by Matt Schwartz and Dashon Brutus, ’13. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out below:

The idea was brought to these ZBT brothers by Eric Seti at the end of last year. Seti was trying to create a Digital Short segment for ETV. Schwartz and Brutus knew that if done correctly, they could create positive buzz about Emory’s campus and leave their mark on the university.
The two worked as a team throughout the entire year to complete the project. Brutus wrote the lyrics, and Schwartz produced the beat. “I went home and spent an entire night writing the lyrics to the song on my iPod touch,” Brutus said. “A few weeks later we went into the studio and recorded the first draft of the song. We continued to master it as the year went on. When the weather got warm we decided that it was the perfect time to shoot the video.”
Schwartz came up with the beat by combining some songs that are related to Emory. “If you listen closely, you will hear the Emory Alma Mater, and the Coca Cola theme song,” Schwartz said.
The team faced many obstacles throughout the year, mainly due to time constraints. In addition to managing their schoolwork, they had to find common times when everyone who was involved in the video shoot was available. They also needed good weather for the filming.
The pair hoped that the Anthem would unite Emory as a whole. “We understand that the absence of a football team really leaves a void in terms of school spirit,” Schwartz said.  “We figured that creating an exclusive song that everyone could enjoy could fill aspects of that void and give the campus something to be proud of.”
They also wanted to create buzz online for Emory. They believe that posting the song to YouTube was the perfect way to build hype for the school, and allow prospective students to see Emory in the spotlight.
The pair has received very positive feedback. “The night we released the video both of our Facebook walls were blowing up with comments,” Schwartz said. “It felt like my birthday.” In addition to being congratulated by their fellow students, Schwartz and Brutus have received praise from the administration, alumni, and prospective Emory students.
In the end, the most important thing to them is that the Anthem is enjoyed by the Emory community. “We just want it to be something that Emory students can show to their friends during the summer and be able to party to when they get back on campus in the fall,” Schwartz said.
Be on the lookout for more great songs and videos by this outstanding duo. They will both be in Atlanta this summer and already have multiple songs set to be released.