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5 Ways to Switch Up Your Look for the Springtime

By Sade Tavangarian
April 11, 2014 - 1:44pm

It is finally spring season, which means say hello to fabulous and goodbye to dark, dreading days. A new season is the best excuse to switch up your look. Here are five pointers to change it up. 1)   Play with different textures. Try pairing harder, rugged, masculine pieces like motorcycle boots with more feminine clothing like softer materials with a floral print. 2)   Experiment with jewelry. Try layering necklaces or stacking rings. This gives a very personal look. READ MORE

April Showers Bring Organic Cosmetics

By Adrianna Arjona
April 11, 2014 - 12:47pm

As spring slowly sets in (and like super slowly…what’s with these random cold, rainy days?? We all want to wear shorts already!), we start to notice all the pretty flowers and realize: OMG, it's April, Earth Month! April 22nd is Earth Day, but the entire month of April is a celebration of our dearest mother Earth. It’s a month to really try to recycle, use less water, and transition into using organic beauty products! Many of us now only eat organic food, but why not also make a complete lifestyle change and include organic products in our beauty regime too? Just as non-organic food is harmful to your body, non-organic beauty products are just the same. READ MORE

Pretty in Pastels

By Nathalie Simon
April 10, 2014 - 12:42pm

It's time for a rainbow of soft springtime shades to reign surpreme throughout the spring 2014 collections. The best thing about the pastel trend is that you can pick your most-flattering color and wear it with whatever silhouette flatters and excites you. From a minty-green board-shorts suit to a sexy-CEO lilac dress to sporty baby blue bombers, the sky's the limit on how pastel you want to get. Get ready to see a ton of pastels everywhere because the "it" shade of the season is one of the biggest spring 2014 fashion trends. The choices are endless in terms of color from pink, purple, green, coral and blue.  READ MORE

All White, All The Time

By Emily van den Berg
April 8, 2014 - 12:58pm

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and none more so than the ever-famous “no white after Labor Day.” Why on earth anyone would ever ban a certain color is beyond me, especially when it’s such a classic one as white. Fashionistas have been throwing caution to the wind for a while, and winter whites have never been as big as they were these past couple of months. Now that the sun is finally trying to peek through the clouds and spring is officially upon us, it’s time to take our whites to a whole other level. READ MORE

Favorite Spring Hue: Sweet and Sporty Citron

By Sam Bleiweis
April 3, 2014 - 12:46pm

Attention seekers everywhere: this hue is for you. You know that “wowza” look you get when you walk into a room in a bright neon yellow shirt? Maybe it’s that great button down, or the neon frock has overstayed its welcome. Update that neon with one of the season’s best close relatives—citron. This striking cross between green and yellow allows you to exercise that neon wild side without blinding those within twenty feet. The citron color skirts that fine line before between bright and fluorescent. It’s dainty enough to wear out to brunch for a gentle and cheerful outfit, but can be dressed up enough to create an edgy vibe for those raucous nights on your favorite Maggie’s table. READ MORE...

Blazers: Not Just For The Office

By Emily van den Berg
March 28, 2014 - 12:18pm

Whenever we think business casual, our first instinct would be to pull our beloved perfectly-tailored black blazer out of our closets, and we’d be right. However, blazers can go a much longer way than just being an occasion-only staple. Blazers can not only classy up an otherwise overly casual outfit, but they can do the opposite as well. Worn right, your blazer can be your new outfit staple, even in the most casual situation. READ MORE

Tattoos as a Fashion Statement

By Jillian Taub
March 27, 2014 - 2:47am

Getting a tattoo is highly controversial. Teens countdown the day til their 18th bday, when they can legally get a tattoo without their parents consent (regardless of if you get one, it’s still cool to say you can). Parents hopelessly give the “you will regret it” lecture, while the kids stick it to Drake: YOLO. Sorry mom. People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s a drunken mistake, an attempt at teenage rebellion, or a declaration of individualism, they are a trend that is only growing.  READ MORE

Why You Should ALWAYS Wear Black

By Hilleary Gramling
March 25, 2014 - 1:15am

There are few colors that can instill a sense of beauty, grace and poise the way that the color black can. Here are 10 reasons you should make black part of your wardrobe no matter what season:   1. Black will always make you feel confident. Few people can pull off all black, and there is nothing more badass, or confidence inspiring, than an all black outfit.   2. There is no color sexier than black. Not one. So if you want to feel sexy, wear black. READ MORE

HC Emory <3s #HCSurvivalKits and our Sponsors!!

By Allison Day
March 23, 2014 - 6:26pm

The national Her Campus team and HC sponsors sent us a fabulous Spring Break Survival Kit for the HC Emory team to enjoy!  We've been using Neuro Sleep to get back on a regular sleep schedule from staying up all night during spring break. Chipotle gift cards have fueled our burrito bowl cravings. Let's be real; no one at Emory goes longer than a week without a little trip to Chipotle. READ MORE

Get Down at Derby Days

By Jordan Schechter
March 21, 2014 - 4:20pm

Derby days… the national Sigma Chi weeklong philanthropy event began last night with a sorority dance-off. Tonight is a concert with Paris & Simo, a Canadian producing duo, whose hit "Escape" will for sure be played. I sat down with Caleb Griswell, Emory alum and event producer who planned this years event.   Her Campus: What exactly is Derby Days: Caleb Griswell: It’s the national philanthropy Sig Chi puts on every year.   HC: Why does the phrase “for the kids” get thrown around so much? READ MORE