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Emory Blog

Your Spring 2014 Trend Guide

By Hilleary Gramling
February 11, 2014 - 1:18pm

Now that Atlanta’s snowpocalypse has melted away and the snow-day snapchat selfies have ceased, we can move on to more important things - like spring 2014 trends. If you hail from Florida, like I do (or anywhere else, for that matter), you may be finding yourself wishing for warmer weather. Temps here in the ATL have been more up and down than Kim Kardashian when she’s PMSing. So for right now, while it’s warmer out, don’t be afraid to break out those spring clothes that have been collecting dust in your closet. Hey, maybe the weather will follow your example and we can leave the snowpocalypse behind, just like the apocalypse that was supposed to happen in 2012, am I right? READ MORE

Help Emory win a free week of uberX for everyone on campus!

By Emory Contributor
February 7, 2014 - 2:58pm

Hey collegiettes! Do you love winning free stuff? We definitely do, and we also think it’s better when EVERYONE wins. Lucky for us, so does uberX, the college-budget-friendly option of your favorite car service, Uber!   READ MORE

7 Ways to Wear Oxblood

By Sam Bleiweis
February 7, 2014 - 1:50pm

Tired of wearing black on black coming into the tail end of this winter season? We still have a month to go, so switch it up from your browns and blacks with this winter’s favorite neutral and must have hue - oxblood. Somewhere between a bordeaux and a burgundy, this sultry dark red adds effortless sophistication to your everyday look. Whether you’re rocking a designer piece or you’re on a Maxxinista budget, there are so many easy ways to add this red wine accent (sorry, wine not included). Check out a few ways to slip into this sleek shade:  1) The jean: paired with black or brown booties, a chambray top and a messy bun, this look easily transitions from lounging around the apartment to taking a quick afternoon shopping trip....

Top 10 Emory Themed Party Essentials

By Jillian Taub
February 6, 2014 - 1:46pm

Before college, we went shopping looking for things to wear when we go out. Of course the typical purchases include pieces that will impress the frat boys (aka low cut shirts, tight dresses, and killer heels). But these things don’t take into account the numerous themed parties that Emory has and the specific attire required for them. Add these random things to your shopping list because they are as essential as your go-to little black dress! 1.Animal Ears READ MORE

The Return of the Guy Line: What Guys Like (and Hate) to See

By Real Live Emory Guy
February 6, 2014 - 1:34pm

Dear RLEG, I feel like no one ever notices my style. What do guys really think about the clothes I wear? Sincerely, Self-Conscious Dresser   Dear Self-Conscious Dresser, For years now, people have been extremely concerned with their appearance. The clothes and accessories people choose largely contribute to their look. Generally speaking, females seem to be more fixated on this concept. They want to be perceived as uniquely styled and put together. More importantly, they want to be noticed. But what is working and what is not? What’s making that cute boy in your large lecture class notice you?   READ MORE

Top Ten: Awards Season So Far

By Jordan Schechter
February 4, 2014 - 12:17pm

I think we can all agree that awards season is the best time of year. Tina & Amy hosting the Golden Globes, the hilarious drunk celebs, droolworthy man crushes, and of course the red carpet. The Oscars aren't until March this year but there have already been plenty of gorgeous dresses. It was hard to pick a top ten.  Lupita Nyong'o - Golden Globes READ MORE

Snow Day Fashion

By Celia Curtis
January 30, 2014 - 2:18pm

Bundle up, Emory fashionistas! Atlanta experienced a snowpocalypse, and Emory canceled classes due to the “extreme” weather conditions. While many of us were snuggled up indoors, some Emory students braved the cold while still managing to look chic. Jackets with fur lined hoods are a classic snow day staple. Snow boots don’t necessarily need to be boring, many girls were rocking sleek pairs in dark hues.  Hats and ear warmers were the key piece for many outfits. Whether it was a quirky cute beanie or fur trapper hat, they added an appropriate wintery touch.  READ MORE

Ready for Recruitment

By Celia Curtis
January 23, 2014 - 12:16pm

Having some trouble picking out the perfect outfits for recruitment this weekend? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! In regard to skit night, which is business casual themed, go for simple, classic silhouettes. Blazers or statement jackets are always a great idea - especially when it’s this cold out! Throw on a brightly colored or patterned blazer, dressy black pants, a neutral colored tee and a bold necklace and you’re set! For an edgier, minimalist look, pair dressy leather jeans with a flowy silk blouse and a moto jacket. The shape of the blouse adds a feminine touch, while the jacket keeps the look streamlined. Be sure to add some pieces that show your own personal flair! READ MORE

Biker Chic: Dress Dangerously!

By Nathalie Simon
January 22, 2014 - 3:19pm

There’s something about motorcycles—boys on bikes, biker fashion—that makes us feel more edgy and empowered to dress more dangerously. It wasn’t until the ’50s and the rise of fast cars and rock music that the black leather motorcycle jacket became the symbol of rebelliousness. Biker styles have always held a warm place in the hearts of fashion-lovers; the rebellious fashion pieces from this fall further cement their place. Decades later, biker chic is still making tracks in our collective consciousness and in the winter collections of designers like Givenchy, Altuzarra, Christopher Kane, and Junya Watanabe. It’s a fierce, sexy aesthetic that shows no signs of slowing down. READ MORE

Baby, It’s Cooold Outside

By Elaina Kim
December 18, 2013 - 7:42am

No matter where you call home or where you’re holing up for the holidays, a trusty winter coat is going to be your right hand wingwoman for every event on your fatty social calendar: from ice skating with your boo to NYE with your high school clique, I’ve got you covered with this Winter Coat Guide! Thank me later, when your pick (whether leather, puffer, or parka) goes double duty after break, and everyone realizes that Atlanta actually does get flippin’ cold. READ MORE