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Emory Blog

Interview Dressing 101

By Jordan Schechter
May 9, 2014 - 12:37pm

With summer approaching I know there are some of you scrambling to find a last minute internship, but no need to stress…at least about your wardrobe. Dressing for an interview doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a little bit of you into your corporate attire. READ MORE

The 5 Shoes You Need Right Now

By Adrianna Arjona
May 8, 2014 - 12:24pm

With finals going on, I start to shop online much more than usual in my efforts to procrastinate. The one accessory that I am currently obsessed with is: SHOES. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love shoes? I’m here to guide you in your need to procrastinate via shoe shopping! Here are the five shoes you need right now: 1. Henry Stacked Heel Sandal – Loeffler Randall Available on Loeffler Randall’s website   $295 2. Nuvorock crystal-embellished suede sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti Available on Net a Porter $695 READ MORE

Mock Birkenstocks

By Hilleary Gramling
May 6, 2014 - 12:01pm

Hot weather has finally arrived here in Atlanta, and it better stick around because I have already packed away all my cold weather clothes – and purchased one of my favorite up and coming trends, Mock Birkenstocks.  LOL. Yes, I came up with that term (can you tell I’m procrastinating?) but these shoes are also known as “man-dals” which is also quite fitting, but I can’t take credit for coining.   READ MORE

The Most Comfortable Shorts

By Shaye Cooper
May 2, 2014 - 1:35pm

With the last day of classes right around the corner, summer is finally so close! The weather the past couple of weeks has been wonderful and shorts season is officially here. This much anticipated time of the year has so many perks. This summer my favorite trend is shorts that give you plenty of breathing room. Comfort is always a key component of my daily wardrobe so I highly recommend trying to ditch the traditional skin-tight jean shorts and try flowy shorts. From floral patterns to simple solids, shorts this season have it all. These shorts are so versatile and can be worn during the day or even be paired with heels at night. From classy to flirty to trendy, flowy shorts have so much potential to spice up any wardrobe....

The LOVE’s Story

By Sade Tavangarian
May 2, 2014 - 12:25pm

We all have either heard of or know of the Cartier Love. A delicate, gold (also comes in rose-gold and platinum) bracelet that's on the arm of practically every star you know. The bracelet itself was created by Aldo Cipullo, who designed for Cartier in 1969 after he was inspired by the idea of chastity belts. He wanted to create a bracelet that you had to unscrew and take off that would speak of intimacy and commitment. READ MORE

Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Failures

By Jillian Taub
May 1, 2014 - 12:33pm

Carrie Bradshaw was known for many things on the hit show Sex and the City. Her sex column, her unbelievable friends, her excessive shoe collection, her horrible taste in men, and of course, her love of fashion. Though she claims to live for fashion, she doesn’t seem to show it. When looking at her outfit choices, I couldn’t help but wonder…what was she thinking?? Here are some of the worst:  New Year’s Eve is the time to dress up, but for Carrie it was the time to look like she was playing dress-up. Between the pajama pants, fur coat, sparkly hat, and pearl neckalce, I can't decide which is the most random. Let’s not forget the impractical heels.. Even thought she was just spending the night with Miranda she could at least look presentable. ...

Rompers and Jumpsuits and Playsuits, Oh My!

By Emily van den Berg
May 1, 2014 - 12:12pm

No matter how much you love clothes or fashion, sometimes getting dressed is just a huge pain. Especially when you’re running late, finding a top and bottom that both match and look fashionable can be tough. Solution? Rompers! Just as easy as a dress, these babies are a top and bottom put together and they look amazing. READ MORE

Mad for Maxis

By Nathalie Simon
April 29, 2014 - 12:30pm

Once reserved for hippies and free spirits, the maxi dress is having a major fashion moment this season. Breezy and elegant, a flowing maxi dress makes an impact on and off the red carpet. All maxi dresses aren’t the same-- each one is as individual as the woman who wears it. The maxi dress is THE summer’s fashion trend. If you love to be called a fashionista, then your wardrobe must include the maxi dress to look chic, sexy and comfortable. This dress comes in a variety of styles that can be tailored for almost any occasion from casual to formal and even on the beach. READ MORE

How to Strut Your Stuff

By Sade Tavangarian
April 25, 2014 - 12:46pm

Every outfit starts with your shoes. It takes one second to ruin it with bad ones, so rock your highest heels and follow this advice. 1. Ask yourself: Will my toes be safe? When buying opened-toed shoes, always make sure the front is a tight fit. When it is too loose, your toes will slide forward. Too tight, your toes will be painfully smushed. 2. Check yourself out Look in a full-length mirror to get the complete picture of your outfit with the shoes. 3. Use open space as a test track One of the biggest mistakes women make when wearing high heels is not knowing how to walk in them. Tripping, stumbling, and slipping is never fun. Practice walking around in heels, and don’t choose ones that will terrify you at first....

11 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Must Have

By Emily van den Berg
April 22, 2014 - 12:57pm

Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a “jeans-and-a-t-shirt” kind of girl, there are certain items that everyone should have in their closet. Here’s a rundown of 11 must-haves: READ MORE