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Remembering You

Posted Nov 11 2012 - 11:24am


Ever since middle school, I have been a workaholic. It was not until this summer that I really took a look at myself and realized that I needed to stop overworking and make time for myself. From one workaholic to another, let me advise you that taking on too many activities is not healthy. In fact, not allowing yourself to have “you” time, whether it includes doing yoga, going to a concert or watching your favorite movie, is completely unhealthy and will lead you to lose a bit of yourself. In this article, I will hopefully have made you (and myself) de-stress a bit by giving you advice on how to actually make time for yourself.

1.     Think logically and don’t guilt trip yourself.

If an assignment is not due for another month, don’t put it in front of a girls’ night out or a movie night opportunity. Do not feel guilty for going out or doing something that does not require much effort. After all the hard work hours you put in during the week, you definitely deserve some carefree fun. Breaks are great rewards and everyone deserves one!

2.     Schedule “me” time.

People who obsessively look at their iPhone calendars or Lilly Pulitzer agendas know what it’s like to run their lives by a calendar. If you cannot seem to fit yourself into your schedule without your calendar, literally pencil yourself in. Write down “me time” and stick to the schedule! Because it is now written in your social/academic bible, you are obligated to spend time doing something you thoroughly enjoy. For me, this activity during my “me” time would probably include working out, renting anything by Kubrick from the library, or painting my nails while listening to The Shins. Whatever your interests are, pencil yourself in so you do not forget YOU!

3.     Treat yourself the way you treat others.

If we make time for our girlfriends, boyfriends and family, why not make time for ourselves? Just as we schedule lunches with the girls or dinner dates with our guys, we should also focus on making time for us. I will admit that it is easy to forget about the importance of yourself when you always have someone new to catch up with on campus; however, it is vital that you treat yourself just as great as you treat your loved ones. Don’t put everyone else in front of you. Sometimes we need to be alone.

4.     Remember that life is short.

The overused “YOLO: You Only Live Once” defines this last piece of advice. You do not want to look back on life and only remember textbooks, tests, and terrifying essays. Instead, make time for yourself and live your life with you in mind!






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