Her Campus Elon's Tribute to 9/11

An entire decade has passed since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Ten years. Ten years in which we have grown from children to adults. From elementary school students to college students. The world, America, our homes, our families and our friends have shaped us into the people that we are. And none of us can deny
that the events that took place on 9/11/01 had a significant impact on shaping us as well. We say we will never forget 9/11, and I am confident that we never will. We are the children of 9/11, the generation that grew up in the wake of such a disastrous day. We all remember where we were that day, that hour, that minute we attempted to comprehend the horrible images on the news. And when September 11th roles around each year, I have faith in our generation to commemorate the memory of those innocent people who lost their lives that day, and those that so bravely risked their own for others. September 11th will never be forgotten and neither will the people who are missed every single day.
I was lucky enough to share 10 years with my uncle David Brady before he lost his life in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.I wish everyday that I could have spent the other 10 years of my life with him, and many years to come. Anybody that knew my uncle can vouch that he was an incredible man. He lit up every room, and made you feel special just being around him. I cherish every memory I have of him and the immensity of his loss is felt everyday on my family. He left a brilliant philosophy with those of us that were lucky enough to know him: Faith, Family and Friends. My uncle knew what the most important things in life were and never let a day go by without living life to the fullest. A quote that my uncle wrote before he passed is such an inspiration to my family and myself. “The life you lead is defined by the quality of your journey. Live an adventure. Explore the frontiers of your being. See what is good and best in all things”. I strive to live my life as my uncle did. Although he tragically lost his life that day, he lives on through those that knew and loved him, and he will truly never be forgotten.
You do not need to have lost a loved one on 9/11 to feel the loss and ache for those who are missed. As a generation, and as a country, we will always remember this painful day. How could we not? For all of those who so innocently and tragically lost their lives, we must celebrate and honor their memories through our day-to-day
moments. For all those who risked their lives and still walk among us, we must live our lives with a new perspective, and with the constant realization that our world is not the same. Life is short, and can be taken from us at any moment. Each year, when September 11th comes around, we are reminded of not only the devastating loss that our country experienced, but also what we still have. In honor of those whose lives were cut painfully short as well as those who so valiantly risked their lives, we must live everyday to the fullest. We must appreciate the country that we live in, the school we go to and all that we are blessed with. Never forget. We will never forget September 11th, 2001. And because of this day, we should never forget the lives we are lucky enough to have.