Open Mic Night

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                  The spotlight hits you as you take your first steps onto the small stage. You grip the microphone for comfort, take a deep breath, and begin your performance. This is a feeling that I have grown accustomed to over the last few years of performing and one that I feel every time I perform at the Eckerd College Open Mic Night which takes place every third Thursday of the month in Triton’s Pub.

                  What’s Open Mic Night you might be asking? Open Mic is when the stage is open to all performers who want to go up and show off for the crowd. It can be singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, playing an instrument, or anything else that you can imagine as long as it’s to entertain the audience. Some people, like me, plan out their performances in advance. They practice and prepare for that moment on the stage. Others chose to just perform for the fun of it and never plan in advanced.

                  No matter how you perform or even if you don’t want to perform at all, Open Mic is a great way to support your friends, have some fun, and even discover talents you might have never seen in your classmates before. It’s a fantastic way to spend a Thursday night and to experience everything your community has to offer. Plus, if you have talent of your own, don’t be shy, take the stage yourself and experience the rush of Open Mic Night.

Be sure to come out at 8:00 p.m. at the Triton’s Pub!