Expensive Beauty Products That Are Totally Worth It

It can be confusing as to why two similar beauty products have such different price tags. What's the difference between the Urban Decay Naked Palette and a Maybelline duplicate version of the palette at the local drugstore? Honestly, not much. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are products that can be affordable and high-quality. Both palettes have great pigmentation and similar colors, so you might as well go for the option that will save you $40. As for other beauty items, there are times when it’s completely okay to splurge. Here's a list of some pricey beauty products that totally are worth every penny.


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder ($38)

This beloved translucent powder is well-known by many makeup artists and beauty gurus. A loose setting powder may be a product that you don't feel the need to empty your wallet for, but there really is a difference between a high-end brand and a drugstore brand. This powder does its job of setting makeup very well and does not leave a white powdery finish at all. It prevents oiliness and looks very silky and smooth on the skin. The powder itself is very light and feathery, so it applies easily and sits on the skin comfortably. Here’s a pro tip: Ever heard of baking? No, not cookies and cakes. Baking your face is a little technique from the Kardashians. After applying cream and liquid face products, use a beauty blender (or any sponge) to pat on some loose setting powder beneath the eye and the area above your jaw line and let it sit for five to ten minutes. After that, simply brush it with a fluffy brush.

La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream ($170 - $465)

La Mer gives us this new, soft cream with a completely fresh and revised formula from the original moisturizing cream, which was thick and heavy. The new formula has a great effect on the skin. The skin absorbs the cream quickly and is left with a hydrated, yet matte finish. The cream doesn't leave the skin feeling or looking oily, which can be an issue with moisturizers. The formula also contains many beneficial ingredients for skin repairing, cell management and other antioxidants.

Clarisonic Mia 1 ($99)

We all battle with acne at least once in our lives, and for some, the battle never ends. The Clarisonic brand is well-known for its face cleansing brush that targets everything from acne to dryness. The brush really goes in deep while cleansing the skin, using extremely fast movements that feel like a soft vibration. It gets out all the dirt your hands can't reach and doesn't tug on the skin either, which prevents wrinkles. It gets rid of dead skin cells, bacteria and other dirty residue. This is definitely worth the splurge if you want to freshen up your skin.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($64)

This liquid foundation is loved by many due to its silky, smooth texture and the way it finishes on your skin. When it dries, it leaves a natural matte finish, but also a slight shine that gives the face a dewy and hydrated look. Many experts say that it's the most natural-looking foundation they've encountered and we can't argue – it really is a flawless product that blends well with the skin and doesn’t completely mask it. Here’s a pro tip: Many concealers have similar formulas, but your foundation is what matters most because it is the base that covers it all. So, don't overspend on high-end concealers. Lower-priced ones from brands, such as NYX and Maybelline, are just as good.


Fresh SUGAR Lip Treatment ($26)

While it may seem ridiculous to pay over ten dollars for a lip balm, this one is definitely worth it. After a few uses you'll take notice of how incredibly soft your lips are, and how they continue to stay that way. Cheaper lip balms keep our lips soft, but only for a short amount of time. With SUGAR, your lips transform into soft little pillows all the time.

Makeup Brushes

Sigma Beauty Essential Kit - Mr. Bunny ($179)

Investing in a few high-quality essential brushes is a very smart idea because they make all the difference when applying makeup. Out of all beauty products, we highly recommended you to drop a little bit more cash than you usually would. Face brushes are the most crucial because what you use to apply foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush is very important - you want your face to be flawless. As for eye brushes, liner brushes can be substituted with cheaper ones, but it is not recommended. For shadow brushes, you definitely want to invest in high-quality blending brushes. The difference will be noticeable and it’ll be much easier for you to get ready in the morning. Here's another pro tip: The only difference between high end and low end mascara is the wand. So either find a wand that works well for you or use the wand from your high end mascara with drugstore products!

Hot Tools

Blow Dryers, Hair Straighteners and Curling Irons

Using a low-quality hot tool puts your hair at risk of immense damage. Applying high temperatures to your hair is already bad enough (we all know that and we aren't stopping anytime soon), so it’s best to protect it as much as possible. No one wants fried hair covered in split ends. If you don't own quality hot tools already, you should go out and get some. Straighteners and curling irons should be covered in ceramic plates. Try Sultra’s Bombshell 1-Inch Rod Curling Iron ($130) or Chi’s Original 1-Inch Ceramic Hairstyling Iron ($99.95). Blow dryers are a tough purchase because there are some out there that will not damage your hair, but cost over $100. They're not as crucial as other hot tools, but if you blow dry your hair frequently it's safe to invest in a blow-dryer, such as Harry Josh’s Pro Dryer 2000 ($300), that won't fry your hair. Here’s a pro tip: Don't forget to use a heat protection serum!


Whether you’re a college student or recent graduate, it's never too late or early to invest in products that are better for your beauty’s sake. Us girls want to take care of ourselves and  look and feel beautiful. Although inner beauty is what counts, a good way to up your appearance is to be willing to purchase quality products even at higher prices. Let us know on Twitter (@HerCampusDrexel) if we missed out on any products you think are worth giving a shoutout!