End of the Semester Blues


Find yourself stressing with only three weeks left? You keep telling yourself two weeks of classes- one week of finals. That’s only 21 days or 504 hours or 1260 minutes if you really want to get it down to a science. Procrastination has finally reached its limits and due dates are…well…now. Although these dates have been on the syllabus all semester you find yourself cursing at your professors thinking how “unfair” their requests are. At times like these it’s best to keep your mumblings to yourself and take some of these helpful tips to keep you optimistic as you trudge through hell- or as some people call it- the end of the semester.

  1. Steer clear of Stressful People: We all know them. Those people who turn a casual “Hello, how are you?” into an hour long rambling about how much work they have, how no one could possibly be busier, how they can’t even believe they’ve spent so much time telling you how much work they have because every second is of such grave importance. And all the while they are rambling you find yourself nodding your head and thinking wow I have a lot of work to do too, and oh my gosh I need to get to the library now, is it that time already, I’ll never get done. Stay away from these people. As long as you have a plan you are FINE. Talking about how much work you have doesn’t make it go away any faster. This leads me to my next tip.
  1. Make a Plan: Take fifteen or twenty minutes and map out your next three weeks. Get out those syllabi and write down what you need to get done every night and then stick to it. Don’t over commit yourself. You aren’t going to get two research papers done in one night so don’t even write it down. Be realistic. The key here is to actually complete what you write down…
  1. SLEEP: This is the most important tip, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, and you will continue to hear it, so do yourself a favor and listen. EIGHT HOURS. Yes, you heard me right. EIGHT. I don’t have time. Too much work. It’s not possible. Blah, blah, blah, blah, oh and blah. You do have time. That extra hour at one in the morning won’t do you any good anyway because you wont retain any of it. You are better off taking the things you know and going to sleep so your brain can process it. Go to bed.
  1. Take a Break: You might think that sticking yourself in a cubical for hours on end in Roy O. will get the job done. It won’t. It might work for a while, but trust me all that time alone with a textbook and your thoughts doesn’t allow for great retention. Give yourself some breaks. A few here and there will be helpful so your brain can refocus. Grab a coffee, call your mom, do a little dance in the bathroom, I don’t care, but please, take a break.