Her Campus DePauw Snapshot

  • Dorm Room Redecorating

    The summer before freshman year, many girls take to Pinterest and other craft blogs to find fun inspirations for decorating their dorm...
  • DePauw Winter Pasttimes

    As you may know, Midwest winters can be brutal. The temperatures are beginning to drop, and snow is starting to fall, so you may be at a...
  • Sweater Weather: Tailgate Edition

    Unfortunately, Saturday mornings spent at the Blackstock parking lot in chucks, jean shorts and your favorite comfort colors tank, are long...

  • The Jewelry Statement

    Accessories are a simple way to add a little flair to an outfit. No other accessory makes quite the statement than that of jewelry. It’s...

  • The "Grunge" Look

    With the influx of popularity of 90’s bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, it’s no surprise that the most popular style of the 90’s, grunge,...

  • Top Five for Little 5

    Little 5 week is upon us! Looking for what to wear this weekend? Here is your go-to guide for the essentials you will not want to forget!...

  • Fashion at Your Fingertips

    With too many options and not enough iPhone storage space, it can be tough to decide which apps are really worth downloading. Here are some...

  • Spring Outerwear Trends

    We all know how inconsistent Indiana weather can be; one day it’s sunny and warm and two days later it’s snowing. These rapid changes can...

  • Color is All the Talk as Fall Rolls Through

    The leaves on the trees aren't the only colors changing on campus this fall. Fall is the season for squeezing the last wear out of your favorite summer brights and pulling out those ever-so-cozy winter pieces we all seem to miss in the heat of summer.

  • How to Look and Feel Great this Thanksgiving

    While most students are just thankful for a break from classes, some of us are also excited to see our relatives for the first time in months. Although DePauw gear may be acceptable while studying, and tight dresses are complimented on Friday nights at the frats, keep in mind that your grandma may not appreciate your normal attire. Make sure to stay classy and comfy during Thanksgiving dinner with these key tips

  • Cool Corduroy

    Say goodbye to boring old blue jeans! One of the hottest trends this fall/winter is corduroy pants or cords for short. They are stylish and...

  • Get the Best for Your Fall Vest

    Fall can be pretty unpredictable, one day its warm, the next day it’s brisk. One thing that is for certain though, is when it comes to choosing that special item of clothing to keep you warm, but not overly hot, it is going to be a trendy vest.

  • Subscription Boxes: Worth it?

    Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines anymore. Recently, subscription boxes have been a hot, new way to sample various products ranging from clothing, jewelry, makeup, food, and even underwear! But beauty boxes containing cosmetics from popular as well as up and coming brands seem to be the leading subscriptions. Here is some more info on a few of the top boxes

  • Bustin' Out Boots

    It’s time to start putting away those flip-flops and say goodbye to summer! Fall is coming which means it’s time to start busting out those boots!

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