#TGIT Etiquette

The arguably greatest part of the week, #TGIT brings millions to their televisions for a three hour Shonda Rhimes’ weekly television take over of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Red wine, popcorn and ice cream is expected (one must divulge in Olivia’s and Annalise's guilty pleasures while fulfilling their own). While the Thursday Night schedule is a staple for most, there are some souls who have not yet been graced by the female powerhouse or have not been watching long enough to understand just how important #TGIT is to Gladiators. So for those uneducated on the art of manners, here is a little #TGIT etiquette to keep in mind:

#TGIT always takes precedent over any other Thursday night activities. (Exceptions of course, would be family functions and concerts, otherwise, no.)

Never speak while any of the shows are on. NEVER! However shrieks of shock are encouraged.

Popcorn may only be popped during commercials.

One may only be on their phone if contributing to the #TGIT discussion on Twitter. Otherwise, phones off, popcorn in mouth.

Lights should always be dimmed. It increases the intensity and amplifies the jaw dropping moments.

#TGIT a.k.a. #BYOB. For all of the scandals being handled and murders being covered, there is no surplus of alcohol. Anywhere. Also, it better be red--even if that means red moscato.

Couch space is on a first come, first serve basis, and one may never sit in front of another and block her view of the television.

One may not critique the shows unless they have watched the series’ all of the way through.

If one is not able to watch #TGIT live, one does not go on Twitter until one does. No need to spoil Shonda’s surprises.

One must follow @HerCampusDePaul for live tweets & reactions during #TGIT


DePaul '19 Journalsim, Public Relations and Advertising major. Diet coke is my favorite & so is eating in general. Watching Scandal, Once Upon a Time & listening to Demi Lovato are my pass times.

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