Alessia Cara's "Know It All" Tour


Alessia Cara - Know It All Tour - The Metro

Opening Acts: Leaf, Craig Stickland & Kevin O Garrett

“I lose my balance on these eggshells you tell me to tread, I’d rather be a wild one instead.”

-- Wild Things


Alessia is well known for her blow up single Here, where she sings about a party that she went to-- a terrible one. A perspective, that is rarely sung about in pop music. Other songs by Cara on her first album, "Know It All", follow the same standards of honesty, ignoring conformity and embracing individuality.

Though recovering from laryngitis, Cara put on a spectacular show, showcasing her breathtaking vocals in her own songs and covering the song Diamonds originally sung by Rihanna. In black jeans, a t-shirt and a black jacket, Alessia wooed the audience of her sold out show with her adorable commentary and her emotion filled performance.  

Alessia Cara is most definitely one to watch. Listen to her album on Spotify, buy Know It All on iTunes and check out her music videos on YouTube to gain a greater sense of what the self proclaimed ‘wild one’ is all about.

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