The 12 Perks of Finals

Now that we're finally free for the summer, we can take a second to appreciate the craziness that is finals week! Finals week is always a stressful time, but it's important to keep in mind the following reasons why we secretly love it! 

1. It is socially acceptable to eat Chinese takeout for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a midnight snack.

2. Pajamas for dayyyyyssss!!!!

3. Leaving your room messy is a self-expression of your mental state… you’re just such a brilliant artist, allowing your creativity to manifest itself in the form of dirty socks and now-empty bags of microwave popcorn, really.

4. Pulling an all-nighter to finish a paper due the next day is a-okay with you, because you can sleep in as late as you want ‘CUZ GUESS WHAT, THERE’S NO CLASS!!! *jumps up and down*

5. Werkin’ it out at the gym becomes a much-welcomed study break rather than a chore.

6. Moonlight Breakfast in Harris– ‘nuff said.

7. What is this thing called a “shower” you speak of?!

8. Naps are a great way to recharge your brain and, therefore, they are no longer only for kindergartners.

9. You get to make a brand new music playlist on Spotify to motivate your studying... or an impromptu get-up-and-dance sesh!

10. Finally, your lack of a social life is now the norm. Nobody has any friends this week!

11. You get to show off to both yourself and your professor how much you truly learned in their class, which, dare we say it, might even be more important than that A you’re striving for!

12. And as soon as you’re done, summer break is your sweet, sweet reward.

Happy Finals Week, Camels! We believe in you!

Brooke loves being a bookworm and listening to bands you've probably never heard of. *smirks* She is an English major with a concentration in creative writing who aspires to either work at a fashion magazine or become a college professor for creative writing/English. Cake decorating and baking in general are her favorite things in life besides her pug dog who is her main man. One day she'll marry Holden Caulfield, and they will live happily ever after!!!!! Oh, fun fact: She has her real estate license so if you need to buy a house or apartment, she's your woman. xx

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