10 New Albums for Fall 2013

One of the most exciting things about Fall (besides apple cider donuts, pumpkin lattes, and a good excuse to buy yet another pair of boots) is new music!

Here are ten of the most promising albums of the season:

  1. Keith Urban, Fuse (Release Date: 9/10) 
    Grab your cowboy hats for this one, ladies and gents – you can expect more of those twangy, catchy hooks you love to satisfy your country cravings. Both Miranda Lambert and Eric Church make vocal appearances, and there may or may not be a song co-produced by Nathan Chapman, the record producer of choice by Taylor Swift… (!!!) Get excited.
  2. MGMT, MGMT (Release Date: 9/17)
    This third album takes an even more psychedelic, synth-obsessed turn than the previous two and is much less happy-go-lucky - “Your Life is a Lie” and “I Love You Too, Death” are among some of the more dismally-named tracks.

  3. Icona Pop, This is…Icona Pop (Release Date: 9/24)
    If you loved “I Love It – feat. Charli XCX”, then you will be overjoyed with the other danceable, feel-good tracks on Icona Pop’s first new album.  Try to get “Girlfriend” out of your head.  We dare you.

  4. Justin Timberlake, 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 (Release Date: 9/30)
    JT’s newest album has an inclination towards lengthy songs with multiple tracks clocking in at around eight minutes.  No judgment if while listening you pretend “That Girl” is dedicated to you.

  5. Miley Cyrus, Bangerz (Release Date: 10/8)
    Save the date for this one.  Besides classics “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop”, expect duets with Britney Spears, French Montana, and Big Sean to name a few.  Additionally, +5 respect points to Miley for spelling Bangerz with a Z.

  6. Paul McCartney, New (Release Date: 10/15)
    What!? Could it be!? A New Paul McCartney album!? Yes, my friends, you’ve read this correctly. Appropriately named New, this new collection of songs is the first solo album of his released in six years.  There are two versions, the standard and the deluxe, but let’s be honest – we want the deluxe.

  7. Katy Perry, Prism (Release Date: 10/22)
    The fourth album includes the crowd-pleasing “Roar”, as well as other seemingly light-hearted tracks, but never underestimate the power of Katy’s lyrics – messages of self-empowerment and inner strength remain a common theme throughout.  Whether you need some musical motivation at the gym, or good energy before a night out with the girls, this one’s for you.

  8. Arcade Fire, Reflektor (Release Date: 10/29) 
    For their newest musical masterpiece since The Suburbs Deluxe in 2011, expect the unexpected. Oh, and also James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.  With a producer like that, we think it’s safe to say it’s going to be -quite- an awesome album.
  9. MIA, Matangi (Release Date: 11/5)
    Never one to lack creativity, M.I.A. has made sure that her newest album will not disappoint her fans.  Expect pulsing beats, sassy rap lyrics, and a good excuse to dance around your room instead of writing that paper of yours due tomorrow. (You’ll get to it later…)

  10. Lady Gaga, Art Pop (Release Date: 11/11)
    The album’s first single (“Applause”) makes us want to applaud for Lady Gaga, in general.  More songs that make you shout “THAT’S MY JAMMMMM!” ? More songs to listen to when you need an extra boost of Fierce? Yes and yes. November cannot come fast enough.





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