Joseph Moore


 Theater; Acting

Age: 19

Interest/ Hobbies: acting, playing football and basketball, Djing, trying new things, playing video games... there's a lot 

Zodiac: Scorpio

Pet Peeve: fake people; people that constantly complain and are doing absolutely nothing. Other than that I just brush it off and keep on doing me.

Relationship Status: Single

Plans after Graduation: start acting for stage, film and voice-over work. Eventually I want to open my own arts school and explore the world.

Best Piece of Advice You've Ever Gotten: Honestly its "Hakuna Matata." I live my life trying not to stress over stuff and enjoy it. Especially the small things.

Mariah Craddick hails from the city of Atlanta and is currently a magazine journalism major at Columbia College of Chicago. Though she has a wide range of interests, her concentration and focus lies in fashion, art and entertainment. In addition to writing for HC, Mariah is also a contributing writer for the online lifestyle magazine GlossMagazineOnline.
Upon graduation in 2013, Mariah hopes to pursue a career in magazine journalism and maybe even law school.