Jonathan Sdao

Jonathan Sdao

Year: 2016

Dorm: West/Johnson

Favorite Dining Hall: Dana

Major: Econ?

Hometown: Boulder, CO

Relationship Status: Single

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Family, the boys, hockey

Interests: Sports, music, school, bowling, cooking, snapchat

Favorite Movie: Hot Rod

Favorite Song: Eyes - Kaskade

Favorite Professional Athlete: Peter Forsberg

What do you do on campus?

Hockey, eat, school, homework.


What’s one girl trend you don’t understand?

Those really bright, obnoxious rain boots. They look stupid. Also when you see a girl wear the same pair of shorts for three straight weeks. Pretty grimy.



What do you look for in a girl? How about a deal breaker?

A nice set of lats.


When you think of the number three, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Kennedy, toph, team showers, balls, how many drinks it takes for Gelly to get drunk, balls.


What’s one thing about Colby that you wish you could change?

Meatless Monday. I hate everything about it. It’s dumb. Just get a salad and let me enjoy my Dana Burger.


Who on the hockey team would you be hand cuffed to forever?

Definitely fellow freshman, Tyler Lingel. Just a fantastic person and would be an excellent provider.


What is your game day ritual?

Mostly consists of eating and sleeping. Then breaking ankles on the bball court before team stretch.


On road trips, who do you room with? What are they like?

Recently I’ve roomed with Matt Gelnaw, Nick Lanza, Jackie Bartlett and Nils Martin. As for Lanza, I just want to say it was an honor and a privilege just to sleep in the same room as him and a memory I won’t soon forget! And we snuggled, which was nice.


Would you rather have Evan O’Brien’s hair or personality?

Ideally neither, but he does have a pretty fantastic head of hair.


Boxers or Briefs?

Usually boxers. Sometimes briefs, for more formal occasions. Sometimes neither.


What’s your go to greeting to a cute girl when you are working at Hollister?

I usually stuck to the employee script with, “Hey! How’s it going?” because the girls that shop there are 11 years old and with their mother.


Why did you get fired from Target?

It was probably a combination of working too hard, showing up too early, being too efficient, and getting caught taking naps in the handicapped stalls.


What is your ideal date?

If it’s with a cool, fun girl, it doesn’t really matter. But I do like go-karts if anyone wants to take me.


Blonde, brunette, or redhead?

Don’t really have a preference. As long as it’s not short. Not many girls can pull off short hair.


What is your favorite feature?

Of mine, probably my stork like/baby giraffe legs. On girls, flat stomachs.


Do you have an innie or outie?

Inward facing belly button.  


Describe the hockey team in 3 words…

Really great guys.