Sara & Lara '19

Sara and Lara Finley might just be one of the cutest pairs of twins on campus. Her Campus CNU interviewed the two girls to learn more about who they are.

Photo Credit: Derrin Nelson

Do you have any cute twin nicknames?

Lara: "In High School they called us Finwin or Twinley."

Do you get along really well, or do you always get on each other's nerves?

Sara & Lara:"We're best friends, but occasionally get into an argument. Basically we're just like normal siblings, but don't fight as much. At points we need to get away from each other, but by the end of the night we are together again. And even when we're fighting, we always have each other’s back."

Do you ever wish you had gone to separate schools?

Lara: “I wanted to go to a bigger school, because in high school there really wasn’t any room for individuality. But I am glad I came to CNU!”

Sara: “It’s not just that we don’t room together, but we are in so many different classes, that it allows for people to get to know us individually, not just as twins.”

Who was born first?

Sara: “Me, by 30 seconds.”

Hey Y'all! I am a senior Business Management major at Christopher Newport University. I am obsessed with planning events, so I am going to become an Event Coordinator after graduation. I am member of CAB's Special Events team, Where is the Line, Rock Climbing Club, Colleges Against Cancer (CAC), and HER CAMPUS CNU! I am an intern for a local Wedding Planner, Shay Lynne Weddings. I have been a Tide Rider and a Navigator for CNU Orientation. I own my own in-home bakery, Sweet Tooth by Jaime. I am engaged to my High School sweetheart, Christopher. Fun facts: I love monkeys, the color blue, zebra print, and corn!

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