A Complete Guide to Clemson Panhellenic Recruitment

Welcome to Clemson, Class of 2016! For those girls rushing, I’m about to give you all an inside look of everything involved in Clemson University’s recruitment process.

There are always rumors that circle around about how rush is “terrifying”. Well I’m here to put those rumors to rest. Rush is harmless and a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing women. By the end of the whole process, you will have made hundreds of friends and most importantly, new sisters!

In order to have a smooth recruitment process, you need to be prepared. This article will provide you with the ins and outs of Clemson rush, from wardrobe, things to pack, and the appropriate conversation to make. However, I highly suggest that on your own you go more in depth at each of the chapters, research their philanthropy, or their standings on scholarship. The more you know, the more prepared you will be during each round. 


1. Introductions
All Chapters during this round will be in Little John Coliseum. This round takes up 2 days and you will have 25 minutes in each of the 12 chapters. This round is described as the first impression round; the round where you will get a better understanding of the atmosphere of each chapter. 
Casual and comfortable-shorts, jeans, khaki skirt, and a nice top. *Note: I would stay away from wearing cut off shorts or skirts during this round. Wear shorts or skirts that also have an appropriate hemline, and stay away from tank tops. It is also important that you wear comfortable shoes- a lot of walking and standing around for these days.

* Please also be aware that you are dressing to impress girls- be appropriate and act as if you are meeting your boyfriend’s mother for the first time, classy and confident.

2. Philanthropy
On Saturday morning your Pi Chi will meet you to give you your schedule for round two. You can attend up to eight chapters and each round is 40 minutes. These rounds are based around the sorority’s national philanthropy. These girls put a lot of time, heart, and effort into their organization's cause and this is their time to share that with you. These rounds may get a little emotional at times since some chapters help domestic violence and children with terminal diseases. It’s perfectly normal to tear in a couple of them- don’t be embarrassed.
This round, like the first round, is relaxed, however, it is a little dressier. Nice sundresses can be added into your wardrobe and replace the shorts with pants, skirts, or nice jeans.

3. Skit
On Sunday morning your Pi Chi will give you your slip with your new schedule for the day. You will be allowed to attend up to 5 chapters with each round being 45 minutes. This is a really fun round for both potential Panhellenic woman as well as current sorority members. This is the time where (in my opinion) you get the most truthful insight look at the chapter. The skit helps you determine the personality and attitude of the chapter. *Pay close attention to them. Each chapter will have a brief slideshow (remember a picture is worth 1,000 words- look closely) and their dance team will perform a short piece. You, at this point, have already started making your connections with the chapter- make sure to focus on those a lot during this round because you will have to chose only 3 of them to take to preference round.

This round is a little dressier, nice sundresses or skirts/pants with nice blouses.

4. Preference
On Monday morning, your Pi Chi will give you your schedule for both Monday and Tuesday. You can attend up to 3 events and each will last an hour. You have narrowed down your list from 12 to 3 and this is where it becomes your ballpark. The chapters saw a quality in you that they see in a potential sister. This is the time for you to ask what their sisterhood can offer you; it will be your home forever- you want to make sure it’s the best fit.
This is the most formal round in rush. Think church attire or nice cocktail/semiformal wear.

*Again, remember you are dressing to impress females. The low cleavage and mini dress can stay back at the dorm.

What To Pack:
Pack your purse, bag, book bag with these items and you will be set for rush (especially the first 3 days)

  1. Change of shoes - Even though those Steve Madden pumps look fabulous on you, walking from Lever to LJC in them sounds like actual torture. Bring the pumps in your bag and walk to LJC with comfy sandals/shoes.
  2. Touch up makeup- You will be there for hours (yes, hours) and that blush, eyeliner, and lipstick will not last that long (and if they do, please let me know so I can make a mental note).
  3. Hair Brush- If your hair is anything like mine, those curls and everything else will be moving all over the place. Make it easier on yourself and just pack one.
  4. Schoolwork, book, headphones, iPod- You will be having a lot of down time in LJC for the first 3 days, make the most of it.
  5. Mints- You will be talking to a lot of people, you might want to have fresh smelling breath.
  6. Body Spray- Again, you will be talking to a lot of people so make sure the rest of you smells fresh, too.
  7. Mini Mirror- When there are 900 girls hogging the bathroom mirrors (which are impossible to do makeup on anyway), you will thank me.
  8. Tampons- You can’t control nature, but the Pi Chi controls you. You will not be leaving LJC so cut yourself a break and just bring them.
  9. Hand Sanitizer- You will be shaking a lot of girls' hands in and out of every chapter, so you might want to be on the safe side.
  10. Snacks- YOU WILL GET HUNGRY. Steer clear of anything that will get stuck in your teeth or make your breath smell. Examples of good snacks: pretzels, almonds, dried fruit, apples, carrots, and crackers.
  11. Water- You will be thirsty.
  12. Advil- A lot of screaming and singing ladies; we apologize in advance.

Become familiar with the words used not only in this article but during all of Rush.

  1. LJC- Little John Coliseum, the basketball arena located behind the football stadium.
  2. Pi Chi- An amazing greek woman who has dropped her affiliation during rush so that she could help during this exciting process.
  3. Pref- short for preference round, the last round of rush where you chose between your top 3 chapters.
  4. Bid Day- Next Wednesday when you find out your new chapter and run down the hill to all your new sisters.
  5. The 5 B’s- the Golden Rule of rush, you cannot discuss the 5 B’s: Boys, Booze, Bucks, Bible, and Bids.

That First Round

That time of anxiousness and nervousness as you stand in front of those black curtains for the very first time- It’s normal; everybody gets it. Once you are lined up you will start hearing singing from every direction. The girls are all trying to out sing each other and it can just become a cluster of noise. At a certain moment those curtains will open and you will walk in. You will see two lines of girls singing to you while jumping/clapping/etc. Once you enter, a sister will take you by the arm and most likely gesture for your calling card and tell you she’ll bring you out past the girls so that she can actually hear you. Then you will proceed to have a conversation usually revolving around small talk. *My advice is to be the girl that stands and makes memorable conversation. Girls will come up to you and trade off so that you get to meet more of the chapter members and more chapter members have the chance to meet you. Before you know it, the singing will appear once again and you will be escorted out of the round- fast, painless, and easy right?

Get excited for Recruitment, girls! Going Greek is a fabulous decision and you won't regret it! And don't forget to like Clemson Panhellenic Recruitment on Facebook and follow @CURecruitment on twitter!