Her Campus Chatham Snapshot

  • A View From Buhl

    Our incredible snapshot this week from our amazing staff photographer Ashe Nicholson!

  • Bloom

    Our snapshot of the week is Bloom by our incredibly talented staff photographer Ashe Nicholson!

  • The Smoothie Bar

    Who else is excited for the brand new smoothie bar in the Carriage House to open next week?

  • Summer Bloom

    Summer Bloom by Ashley Nicholson - taken outside of Dillworth Hall.

  • A Blossoming Tree

    We're excited for the summer, but we'll definitely miss the flowering trees!

  • Tulips

    Bye, bitter winds and snow-covered sidewalks! Strolling through Oakland is a lot more fun in the spring.

  • Braun

    Braun is home to Financial Aid and Student Accounts: two offices we're grateful for!

  • The ADC

    Every Chatham artist knows what it's like to spend hours on the second floor of the ADC.

  • Baseball is Back!

    As the Pirates wrap up their first week at home, we're looking forward to more spring days at PNC Park!

  • The Stacks

    What's your favorite book in Chatham's library? Tell us in the comments!

  • The Campus Chalkboard

    The campus chalkboard gets us. There's no time for romance the week before the tutorial deadline!

  • Rea and Laughlin

    Whether you live in Rea or Laughlin, the warm spring weather makes the walk to class far more pleasant!

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