How to Nail a Job Interview

Whether you’re finishing up your degree, applying for co-op or just looking for a little extra cash, job interviews are the most important part of the process. Here are some tips to giving yourself the best possible chance at nailing that dream position.

1. Dress the part

Business casual is the only universally accepted dress code for job interviews. Wear dress pants or a knee-length skirt with a nice top (preferably collared) and blazers always look professional. Avoid extreme prints or colours, and make sure to cover any tattoos and remove any facial piercings. This is not an ideal opportunity to flaunt your personal style—the less distracting your outfit is, the more your confidence and personality can shine through! Shani MacIsaac, a member of the Carleton Law Society, says that, “Blazers are the ultimate confidence booster. When I’m wearing a blazer I feel invincible.”

2. Be early

It may seem obvious, but there is nothing that reflects worse on you than being late for the interview. There are certain things that employers value in their employees and at the top of that list is being organized and timely. Being late says that you do not value the job opportunity, so be early! But just how early should you be? Aim to be at least a half hour early to the venue, but only 5-10 minutes early for the actual interview.   

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