Rock Your Wednesday at Kreuzberg

Wednesday nights for  college students are typically filled with homework, work, studying and possibly a lot of procrastinating. So ditch the usual Wednesday night activities and take a study break for Kreuzberg’s Open Mic Night.

Get out of that mid-week slump and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of downtown SLO’s favorite coffee shop. Even though Kreuzberg tends to attract hipsters and pseudo-intellectuals alike, Open Mic Night is an event to be enjoyed by all.

“The best part of Open Mic is seeing the new talent,” host Patrick Whatley said.

Starting around 8pm Whatley, or “Party Pat,” fires up the crowd before performers take the stage to show off their array of skills. Poetry readings, stand-up comedy and of course music are all welcome at this eclectic event.

One of the best parts of Open Mic Night is Party Pat’s Beat of the Week where Whatley gives the audience lessons on how to beat box.

“I have a plethora of noises I like to make,” he said just before imitating the deep sound of a didgeridoo.

Another great part of Open Mic Night is Kreuzberg’s wide array of delicious drinks and food.

Everything from beer to chai tee lattes is served along with breakfast, lunch and dinner items, all named after famous intellectuals.

Chai tea lattes are a favorite drink from Kreuzberg for sophomore Cal Poly student Shannan Baumann.

“It’s super delicious and they make pretty designs with the foam,” she said.

Want to perform? Make sure to sign up anytime after 4pm on Wednesdays and proceed to rock out at 8pm.

So, ladies raid your grandmother’s closet and gentlemen put on your best plaid shirt/tight jean combination to achieve the hipster look and get down to Kreuzberg on Wednesday nights to enjoy the relaxing, exciting open mic night.