Campus Cuties: Ben and Gus Pack


Names: Ben (L) and Gus (R) Pack

Hometown: Jackson, Michigan

Age: 19

Majors: Ben is studying economics and Gus is undecided

Relationship Statuses: Single

If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring? 

Ben- “My iPhone, my Golden Retriever Champ, and a volleyball named Wilson.”
Gus- “My dog, a beautiful woman, and survival kit.”

 Boxers or Briefs?

 Briefs! “I like the support.” - Gus

Where are your favorite places to hang out on campus?

Starbucks! Or anywhere on Main Street.

Blondes or Brunettes?

Ben goes for blondes, Gus likes the brunettes!      

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

“Going to Panama City Beach for my Senior Spring Break....”- Ben
“Exploring our campus welcome weekend…” - Gus         

What qualities do you admire in the opposite sex?

“Smart, attractive, outgoing, down to earth, can make me laugh, will watch football with me, and doesn't constantly complain.” – Ben

“Girls that are smart, outgoing, can make me laugh super hard, trustworthy, and even more beautiful on the inside then out.” - Gus

What are your favorite movies:

They like Goodfellas, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and The Dark Knight

Any awesome or hidden talents:

Gus shared that he was an all-state linebacker for his high school football team.

What is your ideal or dream date?

A relaxing day on the beach by Lake Michigan during the summer followed by a

steak dinner at an outside restaurant.

Who are your Hollywood crushes?

Kate Upton Mila Kunis

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