I Love Jacqueline from The Bachelor (And You Should Too)

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Listen up, Bachelor Nation. I’m tired of y’all sleepin’ on my girl, Jacqueline.


I’ve loved her beginning with her bio on The Bachelor cast page - her picture with a Tyra-Banks-worthy smize and Chrissy-Teigen-level wit. Literally, look at what she said about what marriage means to her:


“Creating our own world. Creating our own values and goals. Becoming better people together. Respect, admiration, protection.”


No judgement, but this is a far cry from the dolphin-obsessed contestants of last season…



Anyway, I’ve been rooting for her since she stepped out of the limo. However, Twitter has not been such a fan.




A+ for the Mean Girls reference. F- for the Jacqueline knowledge.


That seems like a “you” problem, Justin.


Listen... it even got to the point that Jacqueline tweeted at all you guys:

God, I love her.


This doesn’t even begin to cover the totally real, mature conversation she had about her education with Arie last week… she’s waaaaaay too good for him. In conclusion, I love Jacqueline, and you should too.


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