Food I Miss



Alright friends, about a year ago I had to go gluten free (for health reasons, good god do you actually think I’d give up bread if I didn’t absolutely need to?!) and I’m really hungry rn, so here’s a post about all the food that I miss, like... a fuck ton.


Also disclaimer: I know they make like all of these foods gluten free but it’s just not the sammeeeeee.


  1. Mac and Cheese



  1. Chicken Nuggets



  1. Starbucks Chocolate Croissants



  1. Fettuccine Alfredo



  1. Crackers



  1. Waffles



  1. Pringles



  1. Beer Cheese Soup


  1. Soft Pretzels



  1. Pizza



  1. Cupcakes



  1. Anything breaded



  1. Cookie Dough



  1. Bread. Just Bread.



  1. Cheese Curds


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