Meet Grace Ragold!

If you are an active Bucknellian and have not heard of “Zumba Grace,” you clearly need to step up your workouts. Senior Grace Ragold is the sole Zumba instructor on campus. Bringing this fun and active fitness option to students has made Grace a recognized fitness guru campus-wide. Grace’s upbeat dance moves will get even the shyest dancer up on their feet. 

Hometown: New Vernon, N.J.
Class Year: 2013
Major: Biology


  • Spot on Campus: KLARC
  • Meal at Bucknell: Make Your Own Mac ’N Cheese in the Bison
  • Place on Market Street: Pronto Provisions
  • Freeze Flavor: Vanilla Ice Cream with Heath Bar, Reese's and Oreos

Four Fun Facts:

  1. My favorite place to choreograph is on the drives to and from Bucknell.
  2. I've wanted to be a dentist my entire life
  3. My family is from Wyoming
  4. One of my favorite jobs is being a bartender

When did your love of Zumba begin?
My love of Zumba began about four years ago. I started taking classes at my local gym almost every day and decided that getting certified was something that would make me unique and I would have it forever. I'm always smiling in class whether I'm teaching or taking one!

What drove you to become a Zumba Instructor on campus?
When I got certified, the head instructor said that the energy at the college level was off the charts. It's also a great way to stay in shape and avoid the "Freshman Fifteen." It recently caught fire internationally, so I thought bringing it to Bucknell was a great idea! The nickname "Zumba Grace" is something I absolutely love, so I'm so glad I did it!

What is a typical Zumba class like?
A typical Zumba class is structured around heart rate. There are two warm up songs and then from there it's a mix of really high intensity songs and dance-like songs. I like to mix in four different types of movements: salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and cumbia. It gives the class a Latin flavor while listening to Top Hits of today!

What can we expect for this semester’s Zumba classes?
Well, since I'm a senior, I'm pulling out all of the stops this year, especially this semester. Last semester, I did a Power Zumba class, which was one hour of my hardest routines. I'm also looking to do a Breast Cancer Awareness Class in October. Every year I've done a themed class at the end of the year, so that I'll keep a secret .... just get excited!!!

Where do you see yourself post graduation?/Do you hope to continue teaching Zumba?
I'm hoping to stay close to home in northern New Jersey. Since the certification is a lifetime certification, I'll be able to take my classes anywhere! I love bringing the joy of fitness and movement to people all over the country, so I hope to continue doing that well past Bucknell.

If you want to take one of Grace’s Zumba classes, stop by the KLARC aerobics studio on Mondays and Fridays from 4-5 p.m.