The Holidays from Head-to-Toe


Everyone tries hard around the holidays. It’s undeniable that this is a time of year when we all get excited about what to wear to thanksgiving dinners, family functions, and reunions with friends. But don’t let this stress you out--there are simple ways to remain comfortable and still wow the entire room.  

Our head-to-toe holiday tips will allow you to look amazing and fill yourself guiltlessly this holiday season! That’s right, the second helping of pumpkin pie that has called your name year after year can finally be yours. Our number one holiday tip? Don’t focus on your garments! Shift the focus to the other aspects of your ensemble. Selecting body-con dresses and high-waisted skirts is not exactly conducive to the Thanksgiving season. Especially as college students, we understand that we should enjoy home-cooking wherever we can get it!

The key to achieving a perfect head-to-toe look lies in its comfort and its elegance. This can be done through use of classic pieces and vibrant accessories. Begin by indulging in autumnal shades for your garments, whether they are neutrals, oranges, reds, browns, greens or anything else that exudes “fall.” Then, integrate your own personality through bags, shoes, make-up and hair. This way you can still dress to impress and remain comfortable through marathon meals!

Simply grab a pair of leggings and a silky blouse. You’ll feel comfortable in your clothing without wearing sweats. Next, select a pair of unique shoes--we favored some cheetah-print ballet flats. Pull the look together with a slick, high bun and coral lips. This look is chic enough to wear to your holiday meal, but relaxed enough to wear out to coffee with friends. Everyone will be stunned by your appearance, and you’ll have all the comfort in the world!

Or, choose a slouchy sweater instead! Balance it out with a striking pair of pumps. We added a bit of edge with a two-tone shoe and softened the look with a fall scarf. Emphasize your features and highlight the season’s colors with neutral makeup and wear your hair down, curly or straight. You’ll be all set to wow everyone with your chic, casual look! 

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