Boston on a Budget

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One of the many reasons that students flock to Boston is the fact that there is so much to do. Everywhere you look, there are clothing stores, movie theaters, and cafes. After a long week slugging away at classes and trying to catch up with assigned readings, a nice day of relaxation around Boston can really help keep you in the zone. Yet, even with the many options available, sometimes it seems that everything you want to do is just too expensive. Despite preconceptions about the cost of living in Boston, I am here to tell you that there is a way to live on a budget without pinching pennies.
1) Take advantage of the student discounts

  • Madewell and J.Crew offer a 15% discount off your entire purchase. This offer is only available in-store, but the location is so convenient, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Just take the T to Hynes and it is only a minute walk away.
  • At the Prudential Center, Ann Taylor Loft also offers a 15% discount to students off their entire purchase. This means the discount applies to sale items too.
  • Club Monaco, though a more expensive store, offers a 20% discount to college students, which, yes, also applies to items on sale.

With all of these amazing deals on clothing, remember not to buy anything that you are not sure you love and can wear. No matter how much money you save on a shirt or a pair of pants, all it is money wasted if you never end up wearing it.
2) Slimming Down

  • When it comes to us college students, caffeine can often become our best friend. Yet when purchasing a Skinny Vanilla Latte can set you back four or five dollars, sometimes it pays to be a little more thrifty. One of the ways that you can save money at Starbucks is by ordering a short latte. The smaller size actually makes the latte taste better, since it has one shot of espresso and a lot less milk. Another plus? The small size keeps your latte hot.
  • If you frequently go to Starbucks, the next time you go, just ask the baristas about the Rewards card. If you already have a prepaid card, you can register it yourself online. After just 5 purchases, you can earn free syrups and refills on coffee. Then, after 30 purchases, you will have reached the Gold Rewards level. At this level, you get a free drink after every 15 purchases. To look up the fine print, go to .
  • At the Prudential Center, you can get a free chocolate truffle every month by signing up for Godiva Rewards. All you have to do is join their emailing list, and every month you will have a yummy treat waiting for you. Additionally, if you don’t feel like holding onto yet another rewards card, don’t worry, simply tell the cashier your email address and they can look up your account. 

3) Getting Cultured on the Cheap

  • As a BU student, you also have several benefits that you may not have heard about yet. BU students not only get free admission into the Museum of Fine Arts, but they also get in free at the Institute of Contemporary Art. If art is not your thing, enjoy a movie for a reduced price. The GSU link sells movie vouchers at the reduced price of $6.50 for showings at the Fenway Regal Cinema. This deal is only available for films that have been showing for at least a week, but with this price, the wait is worth it.

This is only a sampling of the many offers and discounts available to us. Be on the lookout for new deals, and share your newfound knowledge with your friends!