Valentine’s Horoscopes by Major

Feeling lonely this February? Don't want to waste your time looking for love in the wrong places? Filter through those fuddy-duddy crap dates by doing a little research before you jump into that dating pond.

1. The English Major

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The true romantics of the dating world, an English major is an ideal partner for that passionate love affair or just to nicely top off the end of cuffing season. An English major will wine you, dine you and treat you with respect.

2. The Biology Major

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The pheromones are pumping when they walk in the room. Don't ignore them; just let natural selection do its job.

3. The Chemistry Major

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They'll mix you up the perfect love potion that will leave you swooning. The fire in your heart will burn hotter than all the Bunsen burners in the laboratory.

4. The Computer Science Major

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They may not have a quick way with words but they definitely know the binary code to a perfect date.

5. The International Affairs Major

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Out of the eight billion people that they know exist, they chose you, so be honored. Make sure your passport is up to date because you'll be doing a lot of traveling.  

6. The Philosophy Major

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Are we even capable of love? With this thinker, you'll surely find out.

7. The Music Major

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The rhythm of your heart is the song they write every night. Their love is deep like the ocean, strong and filled with emotion. *drum solo*

8. The Gender Studies Major

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They're academic, intelligent and they really know how to have sex. Plus, they're anything but heteronormative.

9. The Language Major

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The smooth talker, this suave SO will take your breath away with their many skillful tongues.

Bryn Mawr College 2021. International Studies major. Works hard, parties harder, pets cats hardest.

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