• Housewarming Gifts

    With friends getting internships in new places, they will probably be moving into apartments. Check out these ideas for housewarming gifts to give your friends!

  • What College Seniors Are Tired of Being Asked

    It’s that time of year when finals are around the corner and summer is in sight. This is a very exciting time, especially for the graduating seniors. Entering a new chapter in life has us feeling many emotions, and we get asked the same questions. Here is a list of question college seniors are tired of being asked.

  • Spotlight on Erin O'Neil

    In honor of April being Earth Month, HerCampus had the pleasure of interviewing Erin O’Neil, a sophomore at Bryant University that is...

  • Recycle This, Not That

    In honor of Earth month, HerCampus wanted to help you make the most educated decisions on what you can and can’t recycle! Something as simple as recycling is just one of many small steps you can take to improve our planet.

  • Her Campus Spring Survival Kit Coverage

    It is finally spring! Although there may still be snow on the ground, everyone is excited that sunny days are coming soon. HerCampus Bryant is super excited to share our new spring survival kit products with you, be sure to check our social media pages @hercampusbryant for exciting spring giveaways that will be coming your way!

  • Stay CONNECT-ed with McGraw-Hill

    McGraw-HIll's Connect program provides you a more efficient, worthwhile, and overall more effective academic experience. What's there not to love?

  • Campus Celeb: Joey DiModica, Candidate for VP

    HerCampus had the pleasure of hearing from Joey DiModica, a junior here at Bryant University who currently holds the Vice President position in our student government. Joey has personally contributed to the overall success that the student government has enjoyed over the past year and wants your vote to continue to better student life at Bryant!

  • Campus Celeb: Nika Nguyen, Candidate for VP

    HerCampus was able to talk to Nika Nguyen, a freshman here at Bryant who is looking to secure the Vice President position in student government for the next academic year. Nika is driven to improve life for the students here at Bryant University as well as create as much positive change as possible in her remaining three years.

  • Campus Celeb: Noah Pease, Candidate for VP

    Last but certainly not least, HerCampus was able to interview Noah Pease, the current Secretary of Student Senate who is looking to secure the role of Vice President for the next academic year. Noah, along with Kojo Appiah and Via Valenti, are looking to be the voice of the people and bring their Bryant experience to new heights.

  • Campus Celeb: Via Valenti, Candidate for Secretary

    HerCampus was able to sit down with Via Valenti, a candidate for secretary in the upcoming student election at Bryant University. Via is looking to be a voice for the people and hopes to make significant change alongside her running mates Noah Pease and Kojo Appiah.

  • Campus Celeb: Lexi Coyne, VPSO Candidate (Calling all Club Presidents!)

    HerCampus had the pleasure of interviewing Lexi Coyne, a candidate for the Vice President of Student Organization position of Student Government here at Bryant University. Lexi is looking to make connections with each president and help to enhance their clubs to their fullest potential.

  • Campus Celeb: Kojo Appiah, Candidate for Treasurer

    HerCampus had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Kojo Appiah, a freshman here at Bryant University who is looking to secure the role of Treasurer in the upcoming student election and is looking to improve the overall experience for Bryant students along with his running mates.

  • Favorite Places to Eat in Smithfield and Providence

    Providence and Smithfield have some great restaurants. Don’t know where to go on your next girl's night out or want to check out a new place in town?! Well HerCampus is here to help you! We have crafted a list of our 10 favorite places to go out to eat in Smithfield and Providence. Enjoy and we hope that you check out one of these joints soon.

  • Dorm Room Workouts: 5 Exercises to do in Your Room

    With spring break just around the corner, many people have the mindset of getting into shape for their upcoming vacations. Even though many people have this positive mindset, actually getting to the gym can be a struggle. Here are some easy exercises you can do from the comfort of your room!

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