• Sorority Spotlight: Devyn Vinson

    We sat down with Devyn Vinson, incoming President of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what Tri Sigma means to her.

  • Sorority Spotlight: Kristine Leland

    We sat down with Kristine Leland, incoming President of Alpha Omicron Pi at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what AOP means to her.

  • Sorority Spotlight: Tayla Giuffrida

    We sat down with Tayla Giuffrida, incoming President of Delta Zeta at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk about sorority life and what DZ means to her.

  • Sorority Spotlight: Gabby Leitgeb

    We sat down with Gabby Leitgeb, incoming President of Alpha Sigma Alpha at Bryant University for the 2018 calendar year to talk sorority life and what ASA means to her.

  • Why You Shouldn't Jump on the JUUL Bandwagon

    An epidemic is sweeping the nation and everyone’s very quickly jumping on this bandwagon before they even really know what they’re in for. The JUUL, an alternative to smoking cigarettes, has had a spike in popularity among young adults and it is not a positive trend.

  • Girls' Night In: Holiday Edition

    Need a girls' night in with your closest besties? As the holidays near, we at Her Campus are getting excited for all the fun festivities...

  • How To Throw A Last Minute Friendsgiving

    Want to throw a Friendsgiving celebration but afraid there’s no more time to prepare the meal? Fear no more, we have created a Friendsgiving menu that is simple and does not need much prep time.

  • Thanksgiving Is Not Just About the Food

    Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that means stuffing, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes; what else could anyone possible ask for? Even though the main part of Thanksgiving is the food, it is not necessarily the most important part—the people you surround yourself with are.

  • Holiday Essentials

    Once Halloween is over, we at Her Campus cannot wait for Christmas! As we write this article there are only 40 more days until Christmas! Some may say it’s a little too early to be getting ready for Christmas but we like to be in the spirit for more than just 25 days! We have crafted a list of some of our favorite holiday essentials and hope that some of these are your favorites too.

  • How to Eat Healthy at Bryant

    Are you struggling to eat healthy at college? We know it’s hard with limited resources and low funds as college students. Follow some of...

  • Why It's Okay To Be a Liberal Arts Major at a Business School

    Everyone knows of Bryant University because it is one of the top business schools in the area and of course that is something to be proud of as a student that attends this school. If your major isn’t business though, there might be a slight catch to how proud you are of attending the number three school for business, management and marketing according to College Factual/USA Today in 2017.

  • Cheap Ways to Travel While Studying Abroad

    Most people that study abroad in Europe, they have a few goals, and one of them probably is to travel as much as they can around Europe. This is the case for many, however sometimes money can hold you back from these things. But by budgeting the correct way, and spending your money in the places, traveling almost all weekends of your four months abroad is very tangible.

  • 4 Reasons Apps Are Why Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times Per Day

    Want to know the top news headlines? Call a cab? Book a table at a restaurant? Find out what your friends are up to? Refill your prescription? With over a million apps in the Apple app store: “There’s an app for that.” There’s an app for almost every single daily function, and because of this we are constantly on our phones throughout the day.

  • What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

    The film Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image was recently shown to Bryant students at a Media Literacy Event, and sparked the conversation regarding body image issues that women have thanks to the unrealistic ideals set by media.

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