How to Not Be THAT Freshman: Written by a Freshman

With freshman year rapidly coming to an end, we cannot help but reminisce on what we have learned through the year. Sure we learned a lot about business core and how to become an effective leader, yada, yada, yada… but what is also important is how to not be THAT freshman. Looking back at the beginning of the first semester and comparing it to now, where there are only days left to enjoy the things we have grown to love about Bryant this year, we sure have learned how to survive and also keep our reputation in check freshmen year!  

So, this is our gift to you... tips on how to not be THAT freshman, written by none only than a freshman.


1. Know your place

Yes, you may have just been a senior in high school, but college is a different playing field completely. You are now back at the bottom of the totem pole, and the sooner you realize that is where you belong for the time being, the better off you will be. Do not expect to be able to nonchalantly walk in to any townhouse you desire, get free booze from upperclassmen (just don’t do it, or even try if it is offered), and also understand that there are just some places (and parties) that you do not belong.


2. Don’t feel out of place if you’re wearing business formal almost every day around campus

Seriously. You will certainly learn quick that this is your norm now. You might as well just get used to the business dress lifestyle because it is not leaving anytime soon. Also, any day you are dressed for success, at least 50 other people are, too.


3. Stay away from (and out of) the pond

At first glance it may seem funny to be the one to take a dip in the pond on one of the first weekends of school (and also one of your first weekends partying at college). However, you will simply look ridiculous, and without a doubt make an embarrassing debut on Barstool Bryant. Please, just save yourself from the infectious diseases that make their comfy little home in the depths of Bryant’s pond.


4. Don’t break windows, bones, or anything really

No matter how mad you get, or if you find yourself simultaneously in a rage, keep it cool. Do not be the one responsible for the broken glass window when entering Hall 15. It is not funny, and it is not worth hurting yourself over. It also costs the school (and probably you) and absorb amount of money to fix and replace. Stay calm, cool, and collected no matter what!


5. Learn about the party scene early

Are the townhouses a thing tonight? What is the Catalina Wine Mixer? Rentes? What if I can’t get in to Effins? Is the party open or closed? Do your research! Nothing is worse than showing up to a party that you were not invited to. Also, save yourself the trouble and money from Ubers and make sure you 100% can get in somewhere. Being the person that gets turned down at the door is utterly horrifying.


6. Know your limits

Every weekend there are too many ambulances and DPS officers inside and outside of the freshmen halls. Do not go too crazy just because you are now at college and basically have endless freedom. Your parents will not be happy once they find out they have to pay a $3,000 ambulance fee. The key word is moderation (although you’ve heard that one too many times before), it is true. Moderation. Learn it. Live it. Just do it. Please.


7. Watch out for “The Feels”

It happens to the best of us. The first guy that shows you attention at school is now the guy you constantly stalk on social media and you now know more about his family life than you do about your GFOB exam that is sooner than you would like. Do not fall in to the trap that is “ The Feels”. Save yourself the time, pain, and overall effort for someone who you will forget about by next semester.


8. If you do end up finding a significant other, make sure it is what you want

When figuring out if you actually want to be with someone in college is completely different than anywhere else. You have to think about yourself first. You must find yourself first, and adapt to college life before attempting to take on any type of relationship. Consider how far away they live when you are not at school. Can you trust them? Will you be able to visit them? Is it really worth it? And finally, are you willing to put in the effort? This goes for both involved.


9. Be aware of the squirrels

They are Bryant’s dogs (besides Tupper). This is your fair warning that they might actually walk with you to class, jump out right in front of you, and not be scared to be inches from you. They are just something that comes with Bryant and its recognized community atmosphere.


10. Finally, although there are countless more tips, seriously get involved and meet people!

Especially at Bryant with its infinite amount of clubs and organizations. You do not want your randomly assigned roommate to be your only friend. Sure you here this time and time again, but getting involved is so important. Even if that means just getting involved in one organization on campus, it still counts. When you are sitting in your dorm room alone, think about all of the different ways you could be spending your time. Have fun. Be social. Meet people. It is good for the soul!

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