• Favorite Places to Eat in Smithfield and Providence

    Providence and Smithfield have some great restaurants. Don’t know where to go on your next girl's night out or want to check out a new place in town?! Well HerCampus is here to help you! We have crafted a list of our 10 favorite places to go out to eat in Smithfield and Providence. Enjoy and we hope that you check out one of these joints soon.

  • Dorm Room Workouts: 5 Exercises to do in Your Room

    With spring break just around the corner, many people have the mindset of getting into shape for their upcoming vacations. Even though many people have this positive mindset, actually getting to the gym can be a struggle. Here are some easy exercises you can do from the comfort of your room!

  • Simple Meal Prepping Tips for College Students

    Everyone has a busy week, every week. It is inevitable. We all get caught up in homework and various clubs and organizations that we are a part of. This restricts our meal times and sometimes causes us to skip a meal altogether.

  • How Yoga Can Change Your Life

    Yoga has the power to not only change your body, but also your general mentality. There are so many benefits to frequent yoga practices,...

  • Spring Darty Outfits

    As soon as the weather begins to get warm, us collegiettes get so excited for all of the cute clothes to come out of hiding from our...

  • The Ultimate Spring 2018 Playlist

    It is finally getting warmer outside. The sun is shining and as soon as weather is above 60 degrees, college students head outside to get some sunshine. HerCampus has crafted the perfect spring playlist for 2018 with some songs that you will enjoy!

  • Ways to Save Money at College

    Saving money any way possible is the number one lesson we need to learn from college. Become less broke with these helpful tips!

  • 5 Ways to De-Stress This Semester

    With the spring semester now in full swing, it is easy to become overwhelmed with classes, exams, group meetings, and projects while...

  • How to be Green at College

    Endless coffee cups, thousands of plastic water bottles piled up in your room, and 12 classes of wasted syllabus paper later, you've...

  • Why You Should Donate Blood

    On Tuesday, February 20th (10:00-2:30) and Wednesday, February 21st (10:00-5:00), Bryant University is hosting a blood drive in Janikies...

  • Black Mirror Ranked: Most Feel Good to Most Messed Up

    We took the time to breakdown a hit Netflix original show, Black Mirror. This show is known for it's intense plot lines and dark content. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a new viewer, check out this article ranking the Black Mirror episodes (in our opinion) from most feel good, to most messed up.

  • Family-Friends-2.jpg

    37 Things to Thank Your Mom For

    It’s the little things that go a long way. This is a special one. Mothers cannot be replaced by anyone; ours hold a very special place in...