• Housewarming Gifts

    With friends getting internships in new places, they will probably be moving into apartments. Check out these ideas for housewarming gifts to give your friends!

  • What College Seniors Are Tired of Being Asked

    It’s that time of year when finals are around the corner and summer is in sight. This is a very exciting time, especially for the graduating seniors. Entering a new chapter in life has us feeling many emotions, and we get asked the same questions. Here is a list of question college seniors are tired of being asked.

  • Summer Playlist

    Haven't crafted your perfect summer playlist yet? No worries! This playlist covers all the bases for a perfect summer day.

  • Greek Week 2018 Recap

    Two weeks ago was the annual Greek Week event for the Greek community at Bryant. Greek Week is a week-long event in which all the fraternities and sororities compete against each other in fun, interactive games and activities. This year’s Greek Week was coordinated by Aimee Bielot of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Toby August of Sigma Chi.

  • Our Favorite Ludacris Hits

    This weekend Bryant University has the pleasure of having Ludacris as our 2018 Spring Weekend Concert! In order to get everyone hyped, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite Ludacris songs.

  • 1000 Miles Away

    How to deal with going from being 15 seconds away from your friends, to being 15 hours away.

  • Spring Weekend Do’s and Don’ts

    Spring Weekend is the best weekend of the entire year! Us here at Her Campus have crafted a perfect list of Do’s and Don’ts for the weekend so you can make it a memorable one.

  • Ways to Create Less Waste

    Happy Earth Week! This year we have made a pledge to create less waste. Some things are easy, some will take more work. For starters, ditch...

  • Places to Work Out Other Than the Bryant Gym

    It’s hard to make time to work out being a full-time student at Bryant. Other times, when you get to go, the gym is packed full. Here are some gyms near Bryant that offer a great workout that college students can afford.

  • Let's Talk About TSS

    Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) can happen to anyone; men, women, and children are all at risk. It’s a really serious illness that most don’t...

  • The Best Reusable Water Bottles

    If you don’t know by now, plastic water bottles are a nemesis to the Earth. Even if they are recycled, they are still dangerous to our...

  • Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

    Here at HerCampus we encourage everyone to try and switch to eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty brands! Help the world while STILL looking beautiful! Feel better about your products, ladies.