Alex Malhas

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Name: Alex Malhas

Graduation Year: 2017

Major/Minor:  Undecided

Hometown: Babylon village, NY

On-Campus Activities: Football #94


The Details

Describe yourself in 3 Words: Aggressive, affectionate, kinky

Secret Talents: I’m a kicker, so I can kick things.

Dream Job: Fighter pilot in the USMC

Pet Peeves: When people use the word 'uhm' a lot in sentences.

Bryant Bucket List: Wake up on a floatie in the Bryant pond



Favorite Thing about Bryant: Marge

Favorite Color: Aquamarine

Favorite Show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Place in the World: Hall 15 room 128

Favorite Food: Sushi



Celebrity crush: Jessica Biel

Best Pickup Line:  “How much does a polar bear weigh?…..enough to break the ice, hi my name’s Alex.”

Perfect Date Location:  Laser Tag

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