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You served, you deserve the best care anywhere!

Did you know? The Miami VA Healthcare System cared for a little more than 7300 women in 2016, which is about 12% of the total Veterans we served.

In honor of Veterans Day, Broward College had a Veterans Day fair in the student life area and promoting their benefits for the men and women who have fought and are still fighting for our country! This is great especially the fact that I picked this up from the fair and this company is great, this by saying on this splendid flyer:

Services offered to our Women Veterans, but no limited to….

  • Women Veterans Heathcare Clinic

  • GYN and Birth Control

  • Mammography

  • Menopause Counseling/Hormone Therapy

  • Social Work Service

  • Women’s Health Passport to Wellness

  • Pharmacy

  • LGBT Services

  • Behavioral Health Services

  • Benefits & Eligibility Information

  • Maternity Care Coordination

  • Mental Health/PTSD/Anger/Depression

  • Lactation Room (Miami Only)

  • Women Only Groups

  • Emergency Care

  • Military Sexual Trauma Service

  • Prosthetics

  • Osteoporosis Counseling

  • Fertility Evaluation

  • Weight Loss/Nutrition/Fitness

The Women Veterans Program is dedicated to ensure you receive timely, high – quality, and comprehensive healthcare services in a sensitive and safe environment. Many of these services are available in our Community Based Outpatients Clinics (CBOs) as well. Please feel free to contact us and thank you for your service.

Women Veterans Program Manager, Michelle Zielenski, LCSW – 305-575-7263

Women Veterans Medical Director, Pat Caralis, MD, JD – 305-575-3206

Maternity Care Coordinator, Deborah Toler, LPN – 305-575-7000 ext. 6238

Women’s Clinic Primary Care Team, Miami – 305-575-7001

Women Veterans Primary Care Team, Broward – 954-475-5500 ext. 8500

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