Survival Kit Arrives At Her Campus Broward


Her Campus Broward is proud to announce that we will be holding a raffle.

As of last month, we received our Back to School Survival Kit and have since organized a raffle for a lucky winner.

The raffle tickets will go on sale as of next week.

Included in the raffle prizes are things from our survival kit which includes products such asBed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray, Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay Mask, and Erin Condren Hardbound LifePlanner, along with much more.



The raffle tickets will be sold for two kinds of prizes, the Treat Yo Self price which will consist of a bag of goodies for one person and the Best Friend Price which will consist of two bags ( and double the goodies!) for someone to share with their bestie.


For more information message HerCampusBroward on facebook Instagram or twitter.

Ana Cedeno is a journalism major and campus correspondent for Broward College. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, she immigrated to the United States when she was twelve years old and continued her education in the sunny, politically contradictory, swamp state of Florida. She has since been published by both her college newspaper and the online grassroots journalism publication Rise Miami News. A fan of literature since age 6, she's an enthusiast of language and making her opinion known, while still hearing out the other side and keeping an open mind for growth.

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